Bladefish 3000 DPV Sea Scooter

Part Number:INS0215

BladeFish Sea Jet Underwater Personal Propulsion Jet. The High Tech Lithium-Ion Powered Bladefish Looks Like A Jet Engine And Generates Much More Power Than Comparable Previous Generation Lead Acid Propulsion Devices. Unlike Them, It Can Be Recharged In A Fraction Of The Time And Can Be Easily Stowed In Luggage. They Are Much Smaller Than Their Leaden Predecessors And Are Highly Maneuverable And Compact.The 3000 Series Bladefish Weighs Only 9.2 Pounds (battery Included) And Is Less Than ? The Weight Of The SeaDoo? VS Supercharged. See Chart For Depth Ratings, Dimensions And Performance Specifications. Each Bladefish Includes Battery Charger And Storage / Backpack Bag.

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