Dive Caddy Gen 2 Travel Bag

Manufacturer:DIVE CADDY
Part Number:DIC0001

How It Works The Typical Old Duffel Or Suitcase Style Bags Were, In The Past, Used To Accommodate Bulky And Difficult To Pack Dive Gear. With The Increase In Checked Baggage Fees And Ever Increasing Bag Theft And Loss, The DiveCaddy Efficiently Protects And Compresses Your Gear And Keeps Your Gear Safely In Your Possession At All Times.The Patented Tri-fold Compression System Utilizes The Gear You Put In The Bag As The Structure For The Bag. This Eliminates The Cost, Weight And Bulk Associated With Typical Bag Stiffeners And Padding. The Gear Itself Provides More Than Enough Padding And Rigidity To Protect Your Life Support And Other Fragile Items.We've Eliminated The Extra Weight You Don't Need And Traded It For Usable Space.

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