BigBlue FF 3x5w LED

Part Number:BBL0014

The BigBlue FF 3 X 5W Aluminum LED Diving Torch, Nicknamed As The “Flying-Fish”, Beneath Its Unique Styling, It Delivers Ultra-high Light Output While Merging Quality Materials, Long-lasting Performance, And Reliability To Meet The Needs Of The Most Demanding Divers Under The Most Rugged Diving Situations. High Output 3 X 5W LED System Delivers Brilliant Luminosity With A Burn Time That Is 4 Times That Of The Ordinary Halogen Torches. The Energy Efficient Design And Excellent Quality Of LED Guarantee A Lifespan Of 50,000 Hours Of Burn Time, Reducing The Need For Periodic Replacement Of The Bulb. The 6500K White Light Reflects The True Vibrant Colors Of The Surrounding While Diving. Only Requires 1.5V AA Size Alkaline Batteries, Which Are Available Everywhere. Also Compliant With AA Size, 1.2V Rechargeable Batteries. The Hi-Lo Power Output Lets You Choose Between Two Output Levels, Hi At 100% Or Lo At 70%, Extending The Burn Time And Reducing Reflections On Objects At Close Range. The Rotary Magnetic Switch Provides Ease When Switching Between The Hi-Lo Power Output, And Is Built To Be Insulated From All Internal Parts, Eliminating The Risk Of Leakage. The Thermal Protection System Prevents The Torch From Overheating By Automatically Cutting Off Its Power In Cases Of Prolonged Use On Land, Or Exposure To Temperatures Above 70 Degree C. As Soon As The Torch Cools Off, The Light Will Come Back On. The Safety Lock On The Switch Keeps The Torch From Being Accidentally Switched On During Transportation.

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