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Florida Springs
K.P. Hole
2 days of diving

$149.95 per person

Price includes:
  • Spring entrance fees
  • Diving fees
  • 2 tanks and 1 tank refill
  • 1 night hotel stay (double occupancy)
Price does not include:
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Rental gear


General Info
Join us on our trip to Blue Grotto and Rainbow River, just for a fun dive or to become a certified open water diver. The Florida Springs are 72 degrees year round. Dives will range from 20-60 feet deep. Whether you are trying to brush up your skills or become a newly certified diver, the springs make for an easy recreational dive.

Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto is a cavern system ideal for OW divers. One of the more unique aspects of Blue Grotto is the "air bell" located at approx. 30 feet. It is a novelty many divers enjoy checking out. The air bell is constantly supplied by fresh compressed air, so you don't have to worry about CO2 retention. It can accommodate several divers at once. In the bell you can observe people swimming above you or divers in the cavern while talking to your dive buddy 30 feet below the surface. Blue Grotto allows you to explore the open cavern system with an open water certification, although you should dive within your limits, comfort level and experience.

K.P. Hole

This spring fed river has near perfect clarity. The clarity and relaxing drift dive are its biggest draws. The glass like water makes it perfect to see the wonderful array of flora and wildlife, both big and small from alligator gar fish to baby turtles. With the undulating river bottom this is a great place to fine tune your buoyancy along with other dive skills. Easily one of the best spring dives in Florida.

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