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The Swim Schools International Adult Swim curriculum is like no other Learn to Swim Adult program ever before constructed. Countless years of assisting adults become safe and comfortable swimmers has resulted in a proprietary curriculum that is guaranteed to make even the most fearful adult comfortable in the water and able to learn to swim.

Adult Beginner18 years and olderThis level is for the adult non-swimmer who may have an extreme fear of the water and/or little or no swimming ability or experience. This level will assist the swimmer in gaining comfort in the water through the use of flotation, vision, breathing, and propulsion aids. Once comfort and personal buoyancy (ability to float) have been mastered the swimmer will move to learning independent forward motion using their arms and legs, still using vision and breathing aids. Once comfortable the swimmer will move away from the use of swimming aids and on to completely independent swimming using elementary strokes and breath control. Final goals for this level are for Adult Beginner swimmers to be able to swim at least 60 feet using windmill, or freestyle arms, with rollover breathing, and without the use of swim aids other than goggles. In addition swimmers should be able to tread water and back float for a minimum of 2 minutes each and be able to remove themselves from the water using only the wall.
30 Minutes - Once a Week


Adult Advanced18 years and olderThis level is for adult swimmers with an elementary swimming ability, but who iscomfortable in the water and wants to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and enjoyment of water by improving their swimming technique. Swimmers entering this level should be able to swim 60 feet unassisted, tread water and back float for 2 minutes and climb out of the pool. This level will introduce the swimmer to each of the competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) and provide the opportunity to improve each of them to the swimmer’s desired proficiency. In addition standing dives and longer back floating and water treading will be developed. The final goals of this level are for the swimmer to be able to tread water for at least 5 minutes and complete a 130 foot freestyle swim, and a 130 foot elementary backstroke swim.
30 Minutes - Once a Week


Our Adult Learn to Swim Lessons:

  • Starts swimmers off in safety equipment that allows them to float, see, breathe, and move easily and safely before introducing any technical swim elements or removing any of the safety equipment.
  • Are taught by Certified Swim Teachers who have an understanding of what adult swimmers are struggling with during lessons and have a passion to help those swimmers overcome those barriers to comfortable and safe swimming.
  • Has the adult swimmer progresses at their pace as their comfort level dictates. The curriculum is very flexible and puts the progression into the swimmers hands.
  • Have 2 different class levels for all types of Adult Swimmers.

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