JBL Metal Magnum Shafts

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JBL Shaft 28in x 3/8in
JBL Shaft 28in x 5/16in
JBL Shaft 28in x 5/16in w 3 Notches
JBL Shaft 36in x 3/8in
JBL Shaft 36in x 5/16in
JBL Shaft 40in x 3/8in
JBL Shaft 40in x 5/16in
JBL Explorer Shaft 42in x 5/16in
JBL Shaft 48in x 3/8in
JBL Shaft 48in x 5/16in
JBL Shaft 56in x 3/8in
JBL Shaft 56in x 5/16in
JBL Shaft Magnum 60in x 5/16in 5/16in Point w Wing
JBL Shaft Magnum 60in x 5/16in 6mm Thread
JBL Shaft 38-Special Northwest 28in x 3/8in
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