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    Maui Snorkeling Package

    Maui Snorkeling Package

    Product Review (submitted on January 23, 2014):
    I got 2 of these for a trip to the Carribean and didn't want to spend a too much b/c I'll never use these things again. They held up well for I snorkeled every single day. I toted these things around in backpack that had all kinds of other crap in there. By the end of the trip, the masks weren't leaking and the snorkel thingy was still working as good as it did on day 1. The snorkel was really awesome. You can dive under the water and no water gets in there at all. It has a guard on it that keeps the water out, unlike the ones that the other members of our party rented. The fins are really cool (don't forget to remove the inserts). They are pretty sturdy. They didn't hurt my feet at all, and fit nicely when adjusted using the strap. The strap/buckle thing though, I felt, could be easily busted if you really pulled hard on it - so use caution there. If you are thinking about buying these to use on a vacation for a week or 2 - do it. It WILL cost you about $10/day - $50/week to rent and the ones you rent are seriously lame pieces of crap compared to this set.
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