Dive Computers

The Scuba Computer takes the guesswork out of reading your decompression levels and automatically calculate your nitrogen intake for you so you can better plan your decompression times. Need more info? Check out our Dive Computer Buying Guide.

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  1. ScubaPro Mantis 2.0 Wrist Computer Only


    A dive computer like no other. Human Factor Diving Creates the Ultimate High-Tech Wristwatch-Style Dive Computer.

    Learn More
  2. Aqua Lung i450T Wrist Computer

    Price From: $799.00

    As functional as it is gorgeous, The i450T wrist computer is everything you could ever want in a dive computer. It was designed for maximum functionality and showcases hose-less gas integration that only requires you to pair the i450T to your transmitter once as well as four operating modes and a digital compass. Learn More
  3. Aqua Lung i550 Computer

    Starting at: $579.00

    Rugged versatility is what you get with the i550 dive computer. Large easy to read screen with backlighting.Three operating modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge (with run timer). Gas integrated - Uses patented Gas Time Remaining Algorithm for accurate gas management. Learn More
  4. Aqua Lung USB Interface Cable

    Starting at: $35.00

    USB interface cable for compatible Aqua Lung computers. Learn More
  5. Suunto D6I NOVO Wrist Computer


    A robust dive computer with a 3D compass, wireless air integration, and a steel casing. Learn More
  6. Shearwater Perdix OC/CC Trimix Computer
  7. Suunto CB-2  ZOOP Novo Inline Console
  8. Aqua Lung i300 2 Gauge Computer


    The Aqua Lung i300 is a feature packed, easy to use console mounted dive computer that needs but a fraction of your attention. The ruggedly built i300 boasts four operating modes for great flexibility and makes use of a back-lit interface for easy readability in low light. Learn More

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Free SK8 Wrist Compass

Free SK8 Wrist Compass with purchase of Zoop NOVO Wrist

Free SK-8 Console Compass

Free Compass with Zoop NOVO CB-2 Inline Console.