Scuba Fins

Dive Fins are one of the first things to invest in when beginning your personal stock of scuba equipment. These, along with a snorkel and mask, are inexpensive compared to the other high end equipment like regulators and wetsuits, which can be purchased later on.

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  1. ScubaPro Go Fin Black


    ScubaPro Go Fin Black Learn More
  2. Hammerhad Kaudal Fullfoot Fins


    Propulsion from the rear, Hammerhead Kaudal Fins™ provide the edge for divers looking for increased speed and kick cycle efficiency. Learn More
  3. Deep See Sea Star Full Foot Fins

    Deep See Sea Star Full Foot Fins

    Price From: $27.95

    Deep See Sea Star Full Foot Fin is a Soft and Comfortable Full Foot Fin with a Semi-Rigid Blade for Excellent Propulsion.

    Learn More
  4. Deep See Pulse Open Heel Fins


    Affordable entry level fin with a comfortable sculptured foot pocket and rubber sole. Learn More
  5. Cressi Agua Blue Fin

    Cressi Agua Long Fins


    In addition to offering excellent performance, the Cressi Agua Long Fins keeps your feet stress-free. The lightweight fins incorporate advanced technology and excellent responsiveness. Learn More
  6. Apeks RK3 HD Fins


    Among the RK3 fins, the Apeks RK3 HD Fins stand alone with heavier and stiffer construction. Extra weight adds to the negative buoyancy of RK3 HD. Ultra-rugged and compact fins work in adverse environments.

    Learn More
  7. Tusa Hyflex Switch Fin


    Equipped with a polyurethane blade system, the TUSA Hyflex Switch Fin delivers a snappy quick response to every movement of diver. Featuring Vortex Generator, it decreases water resistance without affecting normal fin stroke. Learn More
  8. Atomic X1 Blade Fins


    These fins are designed for power and speed. Made with durable rubber and plastic materials, these fins are a easy to kick but are efficient and have good power . Made available in multiple sizes and colors, they can be used for numerous purposes ranging from general purpose diving to tech diving to extreme applications. Learn More
  9. Mares Fins Power Plana Tec X-Large XR Line


    The Power Plana is the perfect tec fin, especially for frog kicking! Made of nearly indestructible natural rubber , the fin is negatively buoyant and can be used with the new Spring Strap for added comfort and security.

    Learn More
  10. Sea Elite Propel Open Heel Fin

    Regular Price: $59.95

    Special Price $39.88

    Dual composite fin design with open heel foot pocket. Flexible construction allows for optimal thrust with minimal effort.

    Learn More

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