They allow divers to see the underwater world in its natural beauty by restoring the color spectrum that water removes from sunlight. For many scuba divers like those who explore caves and wrecks, dive lights are also essential safety tools. Need more info? Check out our Light Buying Guide.

Looking for Bulbs, Chargers and other Light Accessories.

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  1. Mares Torch Adapter

    Mares Torch Adapter


    Mares completes its range of torches with the Torch Adapter! Designed for a flexible arm, the adapter allows you to transform EOS RZ torches into lighting for underwater videos and photos! Learn More
  2. Sea Elite Mini 315 Dive Light

    Regular Price: $39.95

    Special Price $19.95

  3. Sea Elite 1000 Lumen Marine LED Light

    Regular Price: $59.95

    Special Price $34.95

    Lightweight and handy marine LED Light 1000 Lumens. Learn More
  4. Princeton Tec Meridian Strobe Light

    Princeton Tec Meridian Strobe Light


    Princeton Tec Meridian Strobe Light Learn More
  5. CMC Snaplight Safety Light Lightstick

    CMC Snaplight Safety Light Lightstick


    CMC Snaplight Safety Light Lightstick Learn More
  6. Sola Tech 600

    Regular Price: $499.99

    Special Price $399.99

    Cut the cord with the Sola Tech 600. No more bulky canisters or snagging cables; the Tech 600 is a self-contained tight-beam light with up to 13 hours of burn time. Use it as a powerful backup or compact primary on dives where a narrow beam and long life are non-negotiable. Compact, rechargeable, and powerful, Sola Tech 600 is the perfect light for a diver serious about their illumination, featuring a long-burning 600 lumen 8 degree spot beam. Learn More
  7. Sola Nightsea Black


    Discover the hidden world of underwater fluorescence with the Sola NightSea. Blue LEDs cause proteins and minerals to fluoresce brightly; view through a yellow filter to see the psychedelic and brilliantly saturated colors and patterns. Learn More
  8. Sola Dive 600 Laser FC White


    State-of-the art green laser diode and powerful optics deliver a new level of precision. The new patent-pending Sola Laser adds a powerful green laser beam to the center of a narrow 8-degree beam. The laser is operable with or without the white spot beam. When used together, the green laser provides a marker in the center of the white beam that makes it easy to point out details and signal to dive buddies that general lights can’t. Learn More
  9. L&M GoBe IR Infrared Head

    L&M GoBe IR Infrared Head


    A Rugged and versatile light head for Light & Motion GoBe lights; the GoBe IR provides an infrared light source for public safety, scientific, and creative image applications. Learn More
  10. L&M GoBe Nightsea Head

    L&M GoBe Nightsea Head


    Engineered with leading scientists, the GoBe NightSea delivers the perfect wavelength of blue light to excite otherworldly fluorescence. Features a phosphor flip-cap to easily switch between the blue NightSea and a white navigation light. Learn More

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