Have a special scuba diver in your life? Surprise them with one of the scuba gear packages we offer to see their face light up. No matter what the skill level of your significant diver, we have a scuba gear package for them. If you have a son, daughter, or friend that has expressed interest in scuba diving, our Scuba Mask Snorkel Fin Packages would make a great gift. This package has everything diving beginners need. For the more advanced scuba lover in your life, there are a number of complete system scuba gear packages to choose from. These will include scuba diving BCDs, scuba regulators, octos, and more. You can also order customized regulator or system scuba gear packages for a more personal touch.

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  1. Cressi Mini Bonete Set

    Cressi Mini Bonete Set


    The Mini Bonete set is a lightweight and colorful equipment great for young snorkelers that want have fun discovering the underwater world. Both mask and snorkel have parts made with soft and hypoallergenic silicone to ensure comfort and easy to use. Learn More
  2. Head Seahorse Pirate Allegra Junior Set

    Head Seahorse Pirate Allegra Junior Set


    The Head Pirate Allegra Seahorse Junior Set offers a crystal clear single-lens mask w-QR strap buckle system for quick doffing/donning. The splash top Seahorse snorkel with quick-clear purge comes with a small mouthpiece. Learn More
  3. Zeagle Halo F8 Scuba Gear Package

    As low as: $1,391.90

    For a limited time get a FREE F8 Octopus with the purchase of a Halo BCD and F8 Regulator Learn More
  4. Blue with Big Eyes Evo
  5. SCUBA Basic Add-On Kit

    SCUBA Basic Add-On Kit


    Basic gear every diver should have. Learn More
  6. Regulator Basic Add-On Kit

    Regulator Basic Add-On Kit

    As low as: $19.95

    Basic essentials every regulator owner should have on hand. Learn More
  7. Edge Optix Mask with Optical Lenses

    Edge Optix Mask with Optical Lenses

    As low as: $59.95

    Edge Optix Mask with Optical Lenses Learn More
  8. JBL Woody Spearfishing Package

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