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Scuba Gear lets you adapt to the underwater world

Scuba diving equipment makes it possible for you to explore comfortably underwater for extended periods of time. That is, a mask doesnt see for you, but allows you to see underwater. A dive regulator doesnt breathe for you, but allows you to breathe underwater. A wetsuit doesnt make heat, but allows a body to more effectively retain its own heat.

The Gear You Need Depends on Where You Scuba Dive.

You can dive almost anywhere theres water. The gear you use will vary somewhat depending upon your diving environment, as well as your preferences. There are four general categories for dive equipment, but some gear fits in all the categories for example the mask you use for tropical diving is probably for temperate or cold water diving, too.

Scuba BCD (Buoyancy Control Device)- holds your gear in place, lets you carry a tank with minimal effort, floats you at the surface and allows you to achieve neutral buoyancy at any depth. Look for one that fits snugly but doesn't squeeze you when inflated).

Scuba Regulator and Octopus your regulator takes high pressure air from your scuba tank and adjusts it to the pressure you need for breathing. It supplies air only when you inhale (on demand), and directs your breath into the water when you exhale. It also routes air to your BCD, instruments and dry suit if you’re using one.

Instruments ( gauges) tells you how much air remains in your tank so that you can end your dive well before you get too low. The SPG may be an independent gauge, or it may combine into a console with one or more additional instruments you use while diving. It may also be integrated into your dive computer. Independent SPGs are analog gauges, whereas those integrated into computers are digital.

Scuba Computer (unlike the dive table, the scuba computer automatically calculates your nitrogen intake so you can better plan your decompression times)

Tanks a cylinder (more commonly called “scuba tank”) holds compressed breathing air that you use during the dive. Modern scuba tanks are made from aluminum alloy or steel alloy and are rated to hold pressures as high as 200 bar/3000 psi. Your dive regulator attaches to the cylinder valve.

Scuba Mask the human eye cannot focus in water. The mask provides an air pocket so your eyes can focus and you can see clearly underwater.  Your nose must be within the eye pocket so you can adjust for pressure changes. This is why swim goggles cannot be used for scuba diving. Look for Tempered glass - Plastic fogs up and standard glass is hazardous if accidentally broken. Desirable features (found in virtually all masks intended for scuba diving) Feathered, double skirt - Makes mask seal more reliable and comfortabl, Wide strap with touch buckle adjustment - Mask adjusts quickly, easily and stay adjusted during the dive and Low volume - The smaller the mask, the less drag it has while diving. Your face may require something a bit larger, so don't consider this an absolute.

Fins provide a large surface area to push against the water. This allows you to swim using your powerful leg muscles. This moves you more efficiently and frees your hands.

Snorkel lets you breathe at the surface with your face in the water without wasting air from your scuba unit.

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