Regulator Packages

One of the most important pieces of equipment used in scuba diving is the Scuba Regulator. Scuba Regulators allow the diver to breath the air from their tank at a lower pressure level.

Most of these Packages include First Stage, Primary and Alternate Second Stage Regulators, Hoses and Submersible Pressure Gauges.
Check out the upgrades which include Dive Computers, Regulator Bags and More!
Need more info? Check out our Regulator Buying Guide.

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  1. Hog D1 Cold Single Reg Package DIN


    Hog D1 Cold Single Reg Package DIN Learn More
  2. Regulator Basic Add-On Kit

    Regulator Basic Add-On Kit

    As low as: $19.95

    Basic essentials every regulator owner should have on hand. Learn More
  3. HOG Premium Sidemount Diving Package

    As low as: $999.95

    Sidemount BCD and Regulator Package Learn More
  4. Hog D3 Zenith Package

    As low as: $729.95

    Hog D3 Zenith Package Learn More

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