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Our Dive Suits category includes several types of diving suits: full (0.5mm-7mm) wetsuits, shorty wetsuits, semi-dry suits, and dry suits. It is becoming more common to see divers using a full suit, regardless of water temperature, due to the importance of exposure protection from the sun, sea life, and general water safety. Exposure protection does not only protect the diver, but also protects sensitive marine life from contaminants.

Full and shorty wetsuits are usually used for a bit warmer water (greater than 60 degrees), whereas semi-dry suits and dry suits are generally used for colder water (less than 70 degrees). Our Dive Suits aren’t just for the specialty diver; they’re for anyone needing exposure protection. Whether you need a children’s or triathlon wetsuit, we have exactly what you need. Need more info? Check out our Wetsuit Buying Guide.

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  1. ScubaPro T-Flex Long Sleeve Rashguard


    Enjoy an exceptional level of protection with ScubaPro T-Flex Long Sleeve Rash Guard. Featuring water-resistant flex-tec construction, it dries rapidly. Learn More
  2. Pinnacle Merino Zippered Hood

    Price From: $54.95

    Neoprene hood with Merino lining adds warmth and is naturally antimicrobial. Learn More
  3. Pinnacle 7mm Drysuit Hood

    Pinnacle 7mm Drysuit Hood


    7mm hood designed for use with any drysuit system. Learn More
  4. Pinnacle 3mm Beanie

    Pinnacle 3mm Beanie


    Compact hood made with titanium lined neoprene is small enough to fit in any pocket. Learn More
  5. Pinnacle Tecline 490g Undergarment


    This high performance undergarment blends three layers of nylon and polyester to keep you nice and toasty even on the coldest of dives. It also showcases a host of features such as an adjustable, insulated collar a two-way zipper and internal suspenders for better fit and comfort at all times. Learn More
  6. Pinnacle Black Ice Drysuit


    As far as drysuits go, the Pinnacle Black Ice is as good as it gets. It makes use of the world's first Merino™ drysuit lining and combines it with the superior flexibility and durability of thermo compressed neoprene. Learn More
  7. Pinnacle Elastiprene 5 Kids Wetsuit


    Keep your kids warm and safe with the Elastiprene 5 Kids' Wetsuit. This full featured kids' wetsuit showcases a host of innovations that easily keep pace with adult suits. Learn More
  8. Pinnacle 3mm Merino Vest


    Merino lined neoprene vest is the ideal product for layering for added thermal protection.

    Learn More
  9. Pinnacle V-Skin Hood


    Pinnacle's V-skin line takes all the technical  features that Pinnacle has developed and incorporates them into a layering system that will add significant thermal protection without buoyancy. Underwater V-skin will form perfectly to the body without causing restriction by a water layer  held in place by the impermeable membrane. When out of the water the microporous membrane acts as a barrier eliminating wind chill while allowing excess heat and moisture to escape. 

    Learn More
  10. Pinnacle Inferno V-Skin Fullsuit


    The Pinnacle Inferno V-Skin Fullsuit is a jack of all trades. Its designers have taken the thermal properties of a wetsuit and turned it into something more versatile and practical. Learn More

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