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Our Dive Suits category includes several types of diving suits: full (0.5mm-7mm) wetsuits, shorty wetsuits, semi-dry suits, and dry suits. It is becoming more common to see divers using a full suit, regardless of water temperature, due to the importance of exposure protection from the sun, sea life, and general water safety. Exposure protection does not only protect the diver, but also protects sensitive marine life from contaminants.

Full and shorty wetsuits are usually used for a bit warmer water (greater than 60 degrees), whereas semi-dry suits and dry suits are generally used for colder water (less than 70 degrees). Our Dive Suits aren’t just for the specialty diver; they’re for anyone needing exposure protection. Whether you need a children’s or triathlon wetsuit, we have exactly what you need. Need more info? Check out our Wetsuit Buying Guide.

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  1. Pinnacle Escape 5 Kids Hoodless Step-In Vest


    The kids ESCAPE 5mm jacket is a versatile option that can be used to layer for maximum warmth or as a stand alone product for warmer waters. Learn More
  2. Scubapro Novascotia Hood with Snaps


    The perfect hood for cold water steamers, semi-dry suits, and dry suits alike. Learn More
  3. ScubaPro Women's White 3/2mm Everflex Steamer


    The ScubaPro Women's White 3/2mm Everflex Steamer is specially designed for enthusiastic women divers. It provides the divers with maximum thermal protection to exceed the diving adventures. Learn More
  4. ScubaPro T-Flex Long Sleeve Rashguard


    Enjoy an exceptional level of protection with ScubaPro T-Flex Long Sleeve Rash Guard. Featuring water-resistant flex-tec construction, it dries rapidly. Learn More
  5. ScubaPro T-Flex Short Sleeve Rashguard


    All-Black, ScubaPro T-Flex Short Sleeve Rash Guard comes with UPF-80. In addition to offering maximum UV protection, it ensures improved light insulation during swimming or snorkeling. Learn More
  6. ScubaPro Rebel 2mm Kids Shorty Suit


    Kids will enjoy wearing this shorty with its cool, modern design. Learn More
  7. ScubaPro Tropical Steamer 1mm


    Lightweight, ScubaPro Tropical 1mm Steamer is made from nylon II EverFlex neoprene. This warm water steamer wetsuit comes with abrasion-resistant seat and shoulders. Learn More
  8. ScubaPro Everflex 5/4mm Steamer


    Offering new sizes and a long list of improvements, SCUBAPRO's premium wetsuit line is better than ever. Learn More
  9. ScubaPro Everflex 7/5mm Steamer


    Offering new sizes and a long list of improvements, SCUBAPRO's premium wetsuit line is better than ever. Learn More
  10. NovaScotia Steamer 7.5mm Wmn BK

    NovaScotia Steamer 7.5mm Wmn BK


    Offering a snug-fitting, flexible dive suit with good thermal properties and minimal water intrusion, the new NovaScotia semi-dry is the perfect solution for staying very warm and relatively dry while virtually eliminating hydrodrag, radically improving a diver’s ability to move easily through the water. Learn More

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