Snorkeling Fins

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  1. ScubaPro Go Fin Black


    ScubaPro Go Fin Black Learn More
  2. Deep See Sea Star Full Foot Fins

    Deep See Sea Star Full Foot Fins

    Price From: $27.95

    Deep See Sea Star Full Foot Fin is a Soft and Comfortable Full Foot Fin with a Semi-Rigid Blade for Excellent Propulsion.

    Learn More
  3. TUSA Sport Full Foot Fin

    TUSA Sport Full Foot Fin


    The TUSA Sport Full Foot Fins incorporate a uniquely vented blade for increased efficiency throughout the kicking cycle. The hybrid ribs in combination with hydrofoil design produce maximum propulsion. These flippers feature high-flex durable plastic and soft rubber construction. Learn More
  4. Seac Fuga Full Foot Diving Fins

    Seac Fuga Full Foot Diving Fins


    Traditionally styled, the Fuga diving fin from SEAC is ideal for dives in temperate waters or for snorkeling. Offering the functional and engineering features of SEAC's Propulsion fin, the Fuga combines a lightweight technopolymer blade with a stable and high performance design. The soft and flexibl...

    Learn More
  5. Seac GP 100 Open Heel Fins with Spring Strap


    The fun to wear SEAC flipper kid's swim goggles is perfect for swim lessons or recreational swimming in the pool or at the beach. They feature a durable clear polycarbonate lens with 100% UV protection against the sun's damaging rays the 100% hypoallergenic soft silicone cups combined with an easily... Learn More
  6. Seac Spinta Fins  Size Child 10.5-12  Blue

    Seac Spinta Fins Size Child 10.5-12 Blue

    Price From: $20.90

  7. Seac Propulsion Fins


    Materials science at the service of a fin. Propulsion derives from an age-old tradition of the best fins and evolved as a result of cutting-edge engineering and the latest developments in material science. The blade allows perfect performance/force compromise. The fluid dynamic channels collect, con... Learn More
  8. Seac Sprint Diving Fins

    Seac Sprint Diving Fins


    The seam f1s white fin is a modern lightweight dual material fin with a good effort: performance ratio. The combination of soft and hard materials channel water to the tip of the fin for an efficient up and down kick. Bungee heel: the fin strap is a water resistant bungee strap that applies a consta... Learn More
  9. Seac Speed Snorkeling Fins

    Seac Speed Snorkeling Fins

    Price From: $27.50

    shoed fin closed with the blade in 3 materials and show in thermoplastic rubber. Optimized geometries to obtain the best effort/performance ratio.... Learn More
  10. Mares Volo One Fins

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price $16.95

    Mares Volo One Snorkelling Fins superb recreational snorkelling fins, lightweight and great for the travelling snorkeller. Compact design appeals to all snorkellers but particularly the novice who may prefer a slightly shorter blade length. Learn More

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