Atomic SubFrame Mask Slim Fit

Atomic SubFrame Mask Slim Fit

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Akona Wahoo Jr Mask

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Sherwood Wai Mask

Atomic SubFrame Mask Slim Fit

Atomic SubFrame Mask Slim Fit
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Slim Fit
The Atomic Subframe Slim Fit design features a smaller, higher nose pocket and a narrower nose bridge to accommodate narrower facial profiles to ensure a solid fit on every outing. Our designers applied lessons from human factor engineering, based on extensive research, scanning, and modeling, to develop new mask seal geometry to better fit different face shapes and sizes. This new version uses the same SubFrame dual lenses, frame, straps, and buckle, but with a skirt shaped to better fit divers with higher cheekbones, smaller and higher noses, and a narrower nose bridge.
The Atomic Aquatics SubFrame Slim Fit Mask is so durable, it carries a Lifetime warranty against frame breakage. The strength comes from the internal frame (subframe) molded directly beneath the surface of the silicone rubber skirt (patent pending). This subframe provides incredible strength and rigidity as well as eliminating the bulky external plastic frame in other masks. A stainless steel retainer locks the lenses in place and provides added strength to the nose bridge area of the mask. A wide field of view and great fit completes the combination of function, style, and durability. (US Patent #7,181,778)

Ultraclear Lenses
Both the Atomic Frameless and SubFrame models offer a new standard feature never seen or “seen through” before in a diving mask. We call them UltraClear lenses. What makes UltraClear special? Did you ever notice that normal dive mask lenses have a green tint to the glass? To see this tint, put your existing mask up to a piece of white paper and see for yourself. The green tint you see is the result of iron impurities left over in lower-quality “float” or window-type glass. That green tint distorts true colors and blocks out some of the light that reaches the eye. UltraClear is an optics-quality glass with exceptional clarity and high light transmission, with no color distortion. The exceptionally high light transmittance and lack of distortion in the UltraClear lens maximizes the light available for improved visual acuity, especially underwater in low light conditions.

California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING
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Mask Features 2 Lens
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Brand Atomic
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