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  1. BCD Buying Guide

    Choosing a Scuba BCD

    Selecting your Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) or Buoyancy Compensator (BC) is a big decision on an important piece of equipment. It has quite a few jobs By using an inflatable air bladder and weight pockets, you can achieve positive bouyancy on the surface, negitive buoyancy to descend and neutral buoyancy once you achieve the depth you desire,

    It attaches your scuba cylinder(s) to you and It allows the diver to carry or attach all of their accessories using built-in pockets, attachment points and D-Rings.

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  2. Regulator Buying Guide

    Scuba Regulator Guide

    Before investing in a regulator you should be familar with it's parts  Todays scuba regulators are far beyond what we've had in years past.  Knowing the features and capibilities of each part will ensure you get the most for your hard earned dollars. 

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