1. SDI Rescue Diver

    Become The Best Dive Buddy You Can Be !

    The SDI Rescue Diver Course is one of the most beneficial and rewarding certifications a diver can achieve.

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  2. SDI Computer Nitrox

    Maximize Your Bottom Time!

    Today the Nitrox Course is probably THE most popular continuing education course taken by divers and with good reason. Nitrox is a breathing gas that has major benefits for both new and experienced divers.

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  3. The Shearwater's Florida Liveaboard Expedition

    Have you ever come home from a dive trip feeling like you didn’t get to do enough diving? Spend a long weekend diving to your heart’s content on one of the M/V Shearwater’s Florida Liveaboard Expeditions!

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  4. Dive Light Buying Guide

    What Is the Best Dive Light for You?

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  5. Wetsuit Buying Guide

    What is a Wetsuit?


    A Wetsuit is a garment, made of light material such as neoprene, the

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  6. Computer Buying Guide

    What is a Dive Computer?

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  7. Mares Quad Air LED Computer

    Jumbo Size and Air Integrated!

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  8. Bonaire Dive Destination

    Bonaire has been listed as one of the world’s top dive destinations for many years and has been called a divers’ paradise.

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  9. Drifting Down Rainbow River

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  10. Hog Zenith Scuba Labs Testers' Choice

    The Hog "Zenith Regulator" awarded Scuba Lab Testers Choice

    Balanced-diaphragm first stage; two hp, five lp ports; 360-degree swiveling turret Available in Yoke or Din configurations. 

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