1. Drifting Down Rainbow River

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  2. Bonaire Dive Destination

    Bonaire has been listed as one of the world’s top dive destinations for many years and has been called a divers’ paradise.

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  3. Blue Grotto Dive Resort

    Blue Grotto is Florida’s largest accessible underwater cavern, with something for divers of all levels!

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  4. Learn to Scuba Dive

    Steps for Open Water Scuba Certification. We review each of the 3 steps in detail.

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  5. Mares Quad wrist Computer

    Mares Quad has Jumbo size information

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  6. Hog Zenith Scuba Labs Testers' Choice

    The Hog "Zenith Regulator" awarded Scuba Lab Testers Choice

    Balanced-diaphragm first stage; two hp, five lp ports; 360-degree swiveling turret Available in Yoke or Din configurations. 

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  7. Regulator Buying Guide

    Scuba Regulator Guide

    Before investing in a regulator you should be familar with it's parts  Todays scuba regulators are far beyond what we've had in years past.  Knowing the features and capibilities of each part will ensure you get the most for your hard earned dollars. 

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  8. BCD Buying Guide

    Choosing a Scuba BCD

    Selecting your Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) or Buoyancy Compensator (BC) is a big decision on an important piece of equipment. It has quite a few jobs By using an inflatable air bladder and weight pockets, you can achieve positive bouyancy on the surface, negitive buoyancy to descend and neutral buoyancy once you achieve the depth you desire,

    It attaches your scuba cylinder(s) to you and It allows the diver to carry or attach all of their accessories using built-in pockets, attachment points and D-Rings.

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  9. Scuba Mask Guide

    In the market to purchase a Scuba Mask?

    Learning the components of the scuba mask and their use will help you make the best descision.  The human eye cannot focus in water, the mask provides an air pocket so your eyes can focus and you can see clearly underwater. The Skirt of the mask must seal to your face to provide this air pocket.  The mask encloses your nose to allow you to equilize your air spaces during all pressure changes.  Because swim goggles do not enclose the nose and have no way for you to equalize they cannot be used for Snorkeling or Scuba Diving.  Always look for tempered glass, plastic fogs up and standard glass is hazardous if accidentally broken. Fit and comfort are very important to check before you choose the your mask.  The skirt of the mask should wrap around your eye area with no gaps and seal from leakage.  See our video on How to Properly Fit a Mask.

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  10. Snorkel Buying Guide

    Choose your best snorkel and Imagine yourself happily snorkeling around, admiring the beauty of the underwater world.

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