Blue Grotto is Florida’s largest accessible underwater cavern, with something for divers of all levels!

Open 7 days a week from 8 am to 5 pm and night dives by appointment, Blue Grotto is a thrilling and fun experience for all levels of diving experience. The Resort is a great place for a picnic with the family or friends between your dives, you can even book a cabin and stay the night. The Blue Grotto Dive Resort offers a fully equipped dive shop and shelters for your diving gear. Shelters can be reserved via email or phone.  There is also a bathhouse with hot showers. 

Entrance Fees

 Entrance fees:   $ 45 per day / diver

 Night dives: $45, additional $ 25 if day diving also

 (Snorkelers or Swimmers are only permitted to use the spring if

  accompanied by divers, we apologize for any inconvience)

 Tent / RV camping: $ 10 / 15 per night (1 person, every additional person: $5)

 RV power: $ 10 / day

Swimming pool: $ 5 regular $ 4 students with instructor (minimum 3 students with 2 hour period) plus $ 5 general ad. if not diving at the spring

 Snorklers and bubble watchers allowed when accompanied by divers: Snorklers $ 15 per day / Bubble watchers $ 5

Diving the Grotto

The dive at Blue Grotto starts at the large main deck with easy entry and exit ramps.  After entry, you will find your self in the Main Basin with a large platform at approximately 20ft. These platforms are great for new open water students and Instructors to utilize. If you continue down you will enter the Upper Cavern that is a wide open area with a large entrance that you can see clearly at all times and no dive lights are needed. In the Upper Cavern, you can visit the Air Bell located at 30ft  that has fresh air constantly pumped down to it or at the bottom of the Upper cavern is Peace Rock located at approximately 50 ft.  The Lower Cavern is for only more experienced divers, its depth reaches approximately 100 ft and you will lose sight of the entrance and light when in the lower cavern.