scuba fins

  1. ScubaLab Best Buy: Seac Propulsion S Fins

    Meet the new Propulsion S fins from SEAC!

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  2. Mares Avanti Quattro+ fins

    Mares Quattro + (Plus)  Fin is improved. 

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  3. Scuba Fins Guide

    Understanding Scuba and Snorkeling Fins?

    Scuba Fins are an important part of the diving and snorkeling experience. They are like the engine in your car.  Our feet simply aren't made for propelling the human body through the water. Fins help us do that by transfering more energy from our legs to propel us through the water. With the proper pair of fins, the legs do all the work and hands are only used to make small adjustments. While fins are important for casual snorkelers they are essential for scuba diving. With the extra drag of the scuba equipment and the necessity to precisely control movement, having the right set of fins is paramount. This guide should help you deciding on the proper fin design and options for your watersport experience. 

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