Choosing a BCD

Scuba BCD: Float with the Pros

It holds your gear in place, lets you carry a tank with minimal effort, floats you at the surface and allows you to achieve neutral buoyancy at any depth. Look for a scuba BCD that fits snugly but doesn't squeeze you when inflated. Weight integrated Scuba BCD's like the Oceanpro Oceanic BC are becomming the norm because of the ability to comfortably carry your weights on the outside of the Scuba BCD.

Choosing a Scuba BCD By Body Type

If you’re having trouble choosing a scuba BCD, one of the factors you should consider is your body type. You need a scuba BCD that fits well because this device will give you the support you need in the water.

  • Your body type will help determine what type of scuba BCD you choose. For instance, if you have a large frame, bulk won’t be an issue when you’re choosing a scuba BCD. However, if you are petite, you’d be better off with a compact scuba BCD.
  • If you are short-waisted, one way to ensure a good fit is by selecting a scuba BCD that has an integrated weighting system.
  • Consider the length of your scuba BCD. You don’t want one that extends too far down because it will make removing your weights more difficult.
  • Choose a model that fits snugly and doesn’t ride up your body or one that has a customizable fit.


Jacket Style Scuba BCD
The air cell surrounds your torso like a jacket. Jacket inflation is best suited for divers who need to maintain a vertical orientation or spend a lot of time on the surface.

Back Inflation Scuba BCD
Back Inflatation places the bladder behind the diver. Many divers find this more comfortable, as it allows for easier movement of the arms and feels less restrictive. A back inflation ScubaBC, like the Excursion Oceanic BC, also helps divers maintain proper horizontal attitude while underwater.

Snorkel Vest
Snorkelers often appreciate a third kind of buoyancy control device, the Snorkel Vest, which provides much needed buoyancy when snorkeling on the surface. More articles about Purchasing scuba equipment online.

Caring for your Oceanic BC
Your Oceanic BC is an essential piece of equipment to help you control your descent into the water or rise to the surface. To make sure you keep this valuable piece of equipment in good shape, there are a few maintenance guidelines you should keep in mind.

  • Rinse your Oceanic BC before and after use, whether you’ve used it in the pool or ocean. Both chlorine and salt water can harm your Oceanic BC.
  • Make sure you drain all the water out of your BC after using it. First, fill it to one-third full with fresh water, swish the water around and then drain the water from your BC.
  • Leave your Oceanic BC fully inflated until it dries. By doing so, you are testing the firmness of the bladder and valves.
  • If your Oceanic BC doesn’t stay firm for at least an hour, take it in to a professional for repairs.


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