Cressi Essence Dive Local Scuba Gear Package

Cressi Essence Dive Local Scuba Gear Package

Scuba Gear Complete System Package

Scuba Gear Complete System Package

Seac Premiere Package

Seac Premiere Package

Cressi Essence Dive Local Scuba Gear Package

Cressi Dive Local Scuba Gear Package
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The perfect package to travel around local diving spots! Package includes Cressi Quartz BCD, Cressi MC9 Compact Regulator, Cressi Compact Octopus, Cressi Donatello  2 Computer Console, and Cressi Gorgona Bag. 

Dive Local Package

The perfect package to travel around local diving spots! The Quartz B.C.D is a full inflation vest developed for scuba diving schools and as equipment for Rental Centers. The Leonardo 2 Console has a Single Button Interface for Effortless Programming Modes: Air, Nitrox, and Gauge Large Edge-to-Edge. The MC9 Compact is the ideal scuba diving regulator for beginners and travelers. Hyperbalanced membrane 1st stage plus a compact single-hull second stage. The Octopus Compact It's a smart shopping option because of its combination of features - reliability - price - maintenance cost. It's suitable for maximum reliability uses and also as a travel regulator due to its lightness. Finally, the Gorgona Bag is great for hauling virtually any dive equipment, even the heavy stuff.


Cressi Quartz BCD

Cressi Quartz is full vest inflation developed for scuba diving schools and as equipment for Rental Centers. It is made of 500 Cordura® Denier ideal for intense use and to resist scratches and cuts. As with all the standards of Cressi B.C.D.s, it features the new Integrated Flat-Lock Weight System that makes it very easy to remove the ballast. It features a red-colored reinforcement band in the upper part of the back, at neck level, to enhance visibility in the water and protect the jacket from the abrasive action of the first stage. On the right shoulder, the size is indicated with a big letter, that helps the Rental Centers to get the correct size when needed. The sternal attachment is closed by a buckle, which also serves as a safety whistle. Big quick-release buckles on shoulder straps and chest straps. Zip-up side pockets completer with 25mm D-rings for attaching other accessories.

Key Features:

  • 500 Cordura® Denier fabric
  • Cressi Integrated Flat-Lock Weight System
  • 2 large accessory holder zip-up pockets
  • Light-weight, rigid backplate with carrying handle
  • 3 overpressure dump valves
  •  2 25 mm technopolymer D-rings on the pockets
  •  The size indicated on the right shoulder strap
  • 50 mm quick-release buckles on shoulder straps and chest straps.

Cressi Console Donatello 2 (global)
Cressi's Donatello is an underwater and freediving computer. It is ideal for other water activities, thanks to the deactivation option of the dive functions, that avoids unnecessary alarms while snorkeling or swimming. Donatello has a high contrast display for excellent view even in bright sunlight. The heavy-duty case with a steel button is fitted with a bezel which, like the case, is plastic made. The computer has an underwater resistance is up to 393' (120m).
Key Features:

  • Donatello 4 programs dive computer
  • Two connection points-  one up top for a clip or bungee, and wide loops on the back for connection to any strap.
  • SPG global in both metric and imperial systems and with fluorescent dial
  • Housing in heavy-duty Desmopan material with hose clip
  • Rugged Pressure Gauge has a chrome-plated brass case and is color-coded in red, green, and blue for instant readability.
  • HP hose

Cressi MC9 COMPACT Balanced Regulator

This compact travel scuba regulator keeps your luggage light and prevents jaw fatigue while you're underwater. A built-in venturi switch helps prevent unwanted freeflow at the surface and offers an exceptional breathing experience at depth. The 1st stage overcompensation diaphragm is ultra-modern, but at the same time easy to manage, reliable, and durable. The thickness of the walls has been optimized to greatly reduce total weight (380 g). A semi-flexible elastomer sheath protects the 1st stage from erosion, wear, and tear. HP saddle in AISI316 stainless steel. In addition to being able to substitute it in case of deterioration during maintenance, the composition of the saddle, much harder than the traditional fixed brass saddles, prolong its life as it is more resistant to the deformation caused by metal particles that can infiltrate from the tank. Polyurethane valve, is very mechanically resistant, both to oils and to hyperoxic mixtures. The mechanism’s hyper-compensation guarantees a light increase in the intermediate pressure as the pressure in the tank decreases. Therefore the regulator delivers the maximum level of performance in the final phases of the dive, which are undoubtedly the most critical. Advanced research on internal air circulation and an exclusive distribution chamber that channels the air volume directly to the LP ports has reduced the minimum pressure drop levels in labored breathing (0.5 bar), guaranteeing high performance in any situation. The optional isolation and anti-freeze SC (Sealed Chamber) kit completely isolates the diaphragm and the spring from contact with the water, making it ideal for use in extremely low temperatures and dirty waters. Highly effective flanged filter inserted without circlip. 

Key Features:

  • Compact shape reduces in-water drag / Only 5.1 oz (145 g) light, ideal for travel
  • Large front purge button
  • Venturi switch increases air delivery underwater, minimizes accidental freeflow on the surface
  • Streamlined exhaust tee keeps bubbles away from your face
  • Lightweight construction reduces jaw fatigue
  • Certified EN250/2000
  • High pressure ports (HP) 2 (7/16")
  • Low-pressure ports (LP) 4 (3/8")
  • Compensation/system: overcompensation diaphragm flanged filter without circlip
  • Air flow 3000 liters/minute from LP port, with the second stage connected
  • Exterior regulation LP: yes (Allen key)
  • Weight: 615 g

Compact Octopus

The XS Compact Second-Stage housing is made of durable non-corrosive hi-tech polymers and has a dependable downstream demand valve mechanism with a lever that has a low coefficient of friction. The flow of air is channeled to the mouthpiece by injection, creating a venturi effect enhancing the performance. The 2nd stage comes with a flow deviator that acts on the Venturi effect, with a dive/pre-dive adjustment function. Large soft purge cover allows easy clearing of 2nd stage and a comfortable silicone mouthpiece. The XS Compact Regulator weighs 4.76 oz (135g) without the hose, comes with a long 39" (100cm) 3/8" hose, and owner's manual. Octopus is in compliance with EN 250:2014 standard.

Key Features: 

  • Reliable Downstream Demand Valve
  • Large Soft Purge Cover
  • Venturi Dive/Pre-Dive Switch: Prevent Free-Flow when Not In-Use
  • Yellow Front Cover for Easy Identification In-Out-of-Air-Emergency
  • Housing: Durable Non-Corrosive Hi-Tech Polymers
  • Comfortable Mouthpiece
  • Weight: w/o Hose 4.76 oz (135g)
  • Hose Length: 39" (100cm)
  • 3/8" Thread Hose

Gorgona Bag

Gorgona is great for hauling virtually any dive equipment, even the heavy stuff. The duffel-style mesh bag is made of durable polyester mesh that lets water drain easily. Roomy enough and strong enough for a full set of snorkeling, it is an ideal gear-hauler for live-aboard use or for carrying dive suits separately. The mesh bag is also excellent for carrying rental equipment when resort diving.

Key Features: 

  • The length is sized to house even the longest freediving Fins
  • The bag is easily foldable for becoming a practical round bag with a handle
  • The Gorgona dimensions: 14.96" x 14.96" x 37.9" (38 cm x 38 cm x 96 cm), has a volume of 8,457.5 cu in (138.6 liters) and weighs 1.65 lb (748.4 g) when empty.


California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING
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