Hog Morph 1000 Light Core System Spot

Hog Morph 1000 Light Core System Spot

Hog Morph 1000 Light Core System Spot

Hog Morph 1000 Light Core System Spot
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The new Morph100 Lighting System is a modular lighting system that expands with your diving needs and is able to change to meet the needs of your varied diving environments and styles. Whether diving along a Caribbean reef poking your handheld in holes looking for critters, soaring along the reef wall filming its majesty with your video system, penetrating the hold of a sunken freighter in doubles or side mounting a cave the Morph1000 Lighting System is infinitely adaptable and will meet all your diving needs for both primary and backup lighting solutions. The core of the Morph1000 Lighting System is the simply named Morph1000 Core . The Morph1000 Core consists of a coke can sized rechargeable battery pack coupled with a 48 inch umbilical and an 8 degree beam light head (battery charger included). Offering up to 1000 Lumens output with 3 variable power settings and emergency flash modes, the Morph1000 Core can provide up to 5-6 hours of burn time in an incredibly compact canister system with a myriad of mounting and carrying options as well as uses. The Morph1000 Core can be upgraded for use as an ideal video lighting system by changing out the 8 degree beam head to an available optional 72 degree beam 1000 lumen video light head. Additional umbilicals and light heads can also be added to the Core system; each battery canister will power up to two umbilicals and light heads (burn times will be reduced). An optional 90 degree umbilical adapter allows for alternative hose routing and canister placement for specialty applications such as side mount diving.

California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING
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Product Category Lights
Light Type Primary, Marker
Light Features Canister, LED, Rechargeable
Lumens 1000-3500
SKU HOG-0150
Brand HOG
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