Hog Zenith Holiday Computer Package With Choices

Hog Zenith Holiday Computer Package With Choices

Aqualung Leg3Nd Regulator with Octopus Yoke

Aqualung Leg3Nd Regulator with Octopus [Yoke]

Ocean Reef Neptune III System

Ocean Reef Neptune III System

Hog Zenith Holiday Computer Package With Choices


Hog Zenith Holiday Computer Package

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Hog Zenith Holiday Computer Package With Choices


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    Hog D3 Zenith Regulator Set
    The Hog D3 has a Balanced Diaphragm with 2 HP and 5 LP Ports, Compact size, routes like a balanced piston but is a Diaphragm! 5 Port LP Swivel rotates 360 degrees with hoses, unlike most tech swivel regulators. 

    New Silicone Front cover design gives the advantages of a soft front cover without the "Rott away' feature other brands offer in their Front covers. New poppet material reduces friction in the barrel increasing performance. The HOG Second stage gives you ergonomic one-handed access to both the inhalation effort knob and the dive/predive venturi adjustment lever, making perfect regulator tuning easy. The rigid second stage face cover and the positive-action purge button with diaphragm protection reduces the possibility for current-induced free flows and completely eliminates the possibility of diaphragm pinching seen with many flimsy rubber purge covers. The most important feature of the HOG technical second stage is the amazing breathing performance!

    Choose from Din or Yoke 

    Hog Zenith Octopus Yellow
    The Hog Zenith Octopus Yellow is a Balanced second stage with Venturi on/off. The H.o.g. Zenith Octopus Yellow lives up to the Brands tag line of "Highly Optimized Gear" and was awarded Tester's choice in ScubaLab 2014 Regulator Review. Since then it has built a reputation of Having the Performance of a High-end regulator at an affordable price. This second stage is Balanced and has a high-end silicone front purge that will last for years to come.


    Pneumatically Balanced 2nd stage.
    Venturi On/Off
    New front cover which improves the performance, function, durability, and styling.
    Soft-touch silicone center.

    Sea Elite Slimline Gauge Console Global
    This Global instrument has imperial measurements on the outer dial and metric measurements on the inner dial. A Compact gauge Global Console built small and compact for less drag and weight in a streamlined rubber shock-resistant boot. The display is crisp easy to read numbers for tank pressure and depth, 5000 (PSI) and 350 Bar for Tank pressure.

    Optional upgrades: 2 and/or 3 gauge console

    SEAC Screen Wrist Dive Computer 

    Large screen with a simple user interface and large digits. The large screen allows for more information to be displayed on the screen but the computer itself is quite thin on your wrist. The Two button user interface let you navigate in and out of the menu with ease. Three dive modes Air, Nitrox and Gauge mode is all you need for recreational diving and Freediving.

    Screen dive computer satisfies both the most experienced divers with specific technical needs as well as novices looking for a comprehensive, user-friendly device. Its name focuses the attention to the large dot matrix display that allows you to view all the data of the dive profile in a single screen, with clear and distinct characters. The user can adjust the contrast and brightness, as well as the time and mode - automatic or manual - of the backlight.

    Here are the three main functions of the SEAC Screen: Scuba, Gauge and Freedive. In Scuba mode, the dive profile is expertly managed by the Bühlmann ZHL-16C decompression algorithm. The computer supports 1 or 2 mixes with O2up to 99%, advising the user the most suitable time to change the mix, while diving. In Gauge mode, the SEAC Screen computer displays depth and stopwatch data; a fully independent dive management system for more experienced divers. In Freedive mode, breath-hold divers can view surface intervals and dive times as well as current and maximum depths reached during the session.

    In terms of safety, the SEAC Screen is your trusted dive companion in and out of the water. Depending on the diver's preference, it can be set to perform more conservative calculations. Sound alarms and warning lights alert the user in case of violation of decompression stops, excessive ascent rates and exceeding the maximum depth allowed (MOD) for all gas mixes being used. The device also calculates the NoFly times, desaturation times and the maximum altitude allowable for repetitive diving.

    SEAC Screen’s firmware update and logbook software for PC/Mac are available at no charge at www.seacsub.com. To download data, just connect the SEAC Screen with its appropriate USB cable (optional). Has a long strap that is soft and comfortable and long enough to wear outside a wetsuit.

    SCUBA MODE: Bühlmann ZHL-16C deco algorithm, with managing for 1 or 2 mixes (air, Nitrox, or mixes with O2 concentration up to 99%).
    FREEDIVING MODE: Dive/surface time, current/maximum depth.
    GAUGE MODE: Depth gauge and stopwatch to manage your dive profiles independently.

    Key Features:
    100 M Water Resistant
    LCD screen with contrast and adjustable backlight intensity.
    OS/WINDOWS Dive Download manager App
    User replaceable 2450 battery
    Adjustable Backlight
    Optional USB Cable

    Optional upgrades: Atmos Mission One Red Gold Only

    Edge moldable mouthpiece

    just like a football mouthpiece is customizable to your personal teeth and jaw bite, resulting in unbeatable comfort while diving. Since this mouthpiece is fitted, it guarantees a solid grip in your mouth without stressing jaw muscles. The width of the teeth guards is also smaller than standard mouthpieces, which makes it easier to create a seal around the mouthpiece with your lips for relaxed diving.


    Completely moldable personalized mouthpiece
    Created by new technology from the dental industry
    Molds to fit teeth
    Eliminates rubbing against the gums
    Relaxes facial muscles
    Protects the joints of the jaw
    Eliminates mouthpiece headaches
    Fits most regulators

    Edge Regulator Bag
    Padded regulator bag with top carry handle and side pocket and a shoulder strap. Made of Cordura Nylon. Measures 11 X 11 x 4 Inches.

    Choose from All black or Dive flag

    Hog Pro Scuba Knife 

    Great for any diver! The powder-coated blade makes for durability and a great look. The four and a half-inch blade has a straight edge side, a blade with serration and line cutter. The handle is molded and grooved to ensure maximum comfort. The Hog Pro Scuba Knife also comes with a sheath and high-quality rubber leg straps. This knife can also be mounted to your B.C.D.


    304 Stainless Steel
     High-quality rubber leg straps
    Strong positive snap lock sheath 
    4.5-inch blade with serration and line cutter 
    Corrosion oxidation resistance

    Hog Pro T-Shirt

    Perfect fit for professional divers. This lightweight tee is blended with a high quality poly/cotton blend. 


    5.6 oz. All colors are a pre-shrunk poly/cotton blend
    Double-needle stitched for durability
    Tag-free neck label
    Lightweight and comfortable
    DryBlend®; fabric with moisture-wicking capabilities

    Choose your size in Black or White


    California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING
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