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Voluntary Recall: Calypso Regulator with specific CPNs and serial numbers

Aqualung is conducting a voluntary recall of some clearly identified batches of Calypso regulators on both Din & Yoke versions, that may have a quality defect due to a variation in the manufacturing process of the first stage body. Only some Calypso regulators with a specific CPNs and serial numbers as mentioned hereafter are concerned with this recall. Thanks to our quality system, we identified this variation and decided immediately to make this recall on the concerned inventories. As of today, the number of regulators potentially impacted is less than 300 units.

Potential issue:

A hole has been drilled out of specification in the high-pressure port, leaving a wall thickness in a vulnerable state. An uncontrollable free flow of the second stage could occur if this thin wall section should rupture whilst under pressure. A pressure test has proved that an affected body will not rupture during a dive, however, we cannot guarantee the evolution in the long term.

Instructions for consumers:

  • Consumers are advised to immediately stop using their Calypso regulators, only if the serial number they own is part of the recall and return to the dealer from which it was purchased, for a replacement free of charge.
  • Dealers/Distributors are advised to stop selling their Calypso regulators, only if the serial number they own is part of the recall and send back to the Aqua Lung Group asking for a replacement free of charge.
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Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Common Part & Serial Number of the potentially affected goods.

Location of
Serial Number

RG126111 L077601 to L077700
RG126111 L084321 to L084400
RG126111 L085001 to L085100
RG126112 L077401 to L077500
RG126112 L085301 to L085400
RG126112 L076501 to L076600
RG126112 L076101 to L076200
RG126112 L077501 to L077600
RG126112 L083401 to L083500
RG126112 L082801 to L082900
RG126112 L082001 to L082100
RG126112 L083801 to L083900
RG126113 L077001 to L077105
RG126114 L080801 to L080900
RG126114 L085701 to L085760
RG126114 L076201 to L076300