June 15th 2021


Valued Customer,


Aqualung recently introduced the i330R Dive Computer on June 15th, 2021.

Aqualung Group has become aware that in rare cases the internal o-ring case seal may drift, which could allow moisture to enter the instrument while in use. This may result in the product malfunctioning, presenting an unreliable experience to the user.

Aqualung Group has decided to halt shipments and issue a voluntary return notice. Please be advised to discontinue use of the product and return the unit to your dealer for quality inspection and servicing.

This service and all associated shipping expenses are provided free of charge.


  • Please return your i330R to the dealer of purchase or Aqualung dealer nearest you.


The Aqualung Team



April 12th 2022

Dear Customer,

Aqualung Group is conducting a recall of its i330R Dive Computers that have been produced and distributed on the market in 2021 and 2022. It was identified that the dive computer does not automatically adjust its pressure level when diving at 900m (3000 feet) altitude or higher.

Instructions for Customers:
Customers should immediately stop using their i330R Dive Computer for diving activity taking place at 900m (3000 feet) altitude or higher

Customers are further asked to update their i330R dive computers by:

  • Downloading a firmware update through DiverLog+ application as per instructions below or
  • Bringing i330R dive computer to the Authorized Dealer from which it was purchased; the professionals of the dealer/dive center will be able to download and install the upgrade.

After the installation of the update, the new firmware revision shall read R1.004 or later.
End users upgrading their i330R themselves are advised to bring it to an Authorized Dealer or local Dive Center to check if the upgrade has been successfully installed.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Customer Service at the following address: support@aqualung.com.

Thank you for your understanding and unwavering support.

-The Aqualung Team

Identification Guide for Products Concerned by the Recall & Instructions for Downloading an Upgrade

Products Concerned by the Recall can be Identified as Follows:
Product's packaging label bears one of the following Description and Part Number (CPN):

Part Number Description
NS159000 i330R Dive Computer (Wrist)
NS159001 i330R 2-Gauge Console (PSI)
NS159002 i330R 2-Gauge Console (BAR)


Product bears one of the below listed serial numbers
Serial Numbers Affected:

  • GD-001004 to GD-015302
  • GM-001000 to GM-003305
  • GM-001011 to GM-001269

Serial number location

On the back of case of the computer module (see photo below)

On the product label on the box (see label photo above)

Product's firmware version R1.001, R1.002 or R1.003
Affected i330R dive computers have firmware version R1.001, R1.002 or R1.003.

i330R Firmware Update Instructions
Please refer to the below instructions for updating i330R firmware using DiverLog+ mobile app

1. Download DiverLog+ app:

2. Activate the i330R dive computer

  • For iOS users, run the App store app, search for DiverLog+ app, then download the DiverLog+ app
  • For Android users, run the Google Play app, search for DiverLog+ app, then download the DiverLog+ app

3. Confirm Bluetooth is active on the mobile device and the i330R dive computer

4. Run DiverLog+ app from your mobile device

5. Instructions on how to add the i330R dive computer to DiverLog+ are located at: https://ediverlog.com/howto/mobile_dlp_howto.html#AddNewDCOr scan the QR Code here:


6. Instructions on how to update the i330R computer firmware are located at:
Or scan the QR Code here: