Hog Pro BCD What The Pros Use!

The Hog Pro BCD is designed to reduce drag and position the diver properly underwater and on the surface. The Hog Pro BCD looks and fits like a back-inflate model, but don’t be fooled by the back-inflation look. The air cell is extended and tightly contoured around the diver's waist to give lift under your arms and provide comfortable upright surface flotation. This design provides better body orientation under water and an effortless upright surface position when fully inflated. This BCD is made with tough, durable fabric that is black with red trim and designed for saltwater or freshwater diving.  There is an integrated weight system that allows for up to 20-pounds of weight, as well as two trim weight pockets that allow for up to 10-pounds of additional non-releasable weight.

" effortless upright surface position when fully inflated "

The Hog Pro BCD is packed with features making it comfortable for all Divers like it's a molded harness that has a soft pad that cushions the back and lumbar regions and a molded plastic handle for lifting the BC.  Shoulder straps are mounted to a swiveling buckle and have 2 chest strap attachment points. The cummerbund is adjustable and depth compensating. Included on the BCD is a total of six black coated stainless D-rings (4 on the bottom & 2 on the shoulder). It also includes the low-pressure inflator hose and 3 pressure relief valves. Other features included are the tank height, adjustment strap, and the tank mounting plate.

" comfortable for all divers "

Chris Roberts, Professional Diver From HOG and Creator, has stated, “The Pro BCD has all the right features and characteristics of a BCD that will meet the needs of Beginners to Advanced divers and Instructors.  For recreational diving, spearfishing or any style diving in the industry other than technical diving, it is truly the only BCD you will ever need. From my own experience, this BCD is the best of its kind. It fits nicely around my upper body and I do not feel constricted, making for a very nice dive. I would highly recommend the Hog Pro BCD.”

" check out what others are saying! "

So, if you are deciding between a back-inflation or jacket model, and you want minimum drag, as well as good positioning above and below the water, the Hog Pro BCD will be the BCD for you. It is easy to put on and inflates nicely. This BCD is available in sizes ranging from small to X-large.

" streamlined, rugged and great buoyancy characteristics! "

Front View Side View Back View

Key Features: 

  • Maximum lift with a streamlined design
  • Wrap-around air chambers on each side allow for a more upright position on the surface
  • Integrated Weight System - 20 lb capacity
  • Trim weight pockets -10 lb capacity
  • 2 attachment point chest strap
  • Adjustable Depth-Compensating Cummerbund
  • Three over-pressure relief valves strategically placed to optimize buoyancy control
  • Padded backpack with handle is comfortable and easy to manage.
  • Molle like Attachment points
  • 6 metal D-rings
  • Depth-compensating cummerbund for a secure fit at all depths
  • Heavy Duty Material
  • Includes low-pressure inflator hose
  • Three Over-Pressure Relief/Pull Dump Valves
  • Tank height and adjustment strap
  • Standard Power Inflator

Sold as an option you can choose from 2 add on style pockets, small utility 4x6in or large utility 4x9in these can be added to the waist strapping of the Hog Pro BCD.

Small utility 4x6in Large utility 4x9in

Hog Small Utility Pro BC Pocket 

  • Designed to hold spare weight up to 5lb but can also be used to hold gloves, small surface markers or other accessories. 
  • Easily attached and removed as needed
  • measures 4 x 6 inches

Hog Large Utility Pro BC Pocket 

  • Designed to fit pare masks, handheld lights or spools. 
  • Easily attached and removed as needed
  • measures 4 x 9 inches