Mares Quattro + (Plus)  Fin is improved. 

I have been diving the Mares Quattro fins for over 15 years and they are my go to fin for any type of Scuba Diving.  This fin is most likely the most popular fin in the history of Scuba Diving and definatley the most common fin you will see on a dive boat.  So after I retired my old fins I replace them with a new Quattros and noticed the + (PLUS) was added to the name. The most obvious change was the new Bungee Heel Straps that replaced the adjustable buckles. At first I was concerned with getting a good fit but noticed Mares had included some spacer lugs to the package.  These allow you to lengthen the bungee should you require more length in the foot pocket. In my case the bungee had enough stretch that the lugs were not required.  I could see if you switched to a heavier duty soled boot or that one could benefit from using them.  The other changes are the upgraded materials used to construct the fin.  The old stiffer material in the blade is now more flexible.  The rubber in the 4 super channels in each blade is more elastic. These improvements, along with the removal of the strengthening bars at the foot pocket, improve fin performance making the fins even more responsive in the water. 

Since I have been diving this fin for many many years, I was eager to see if the changes lead to an actual improvement over my older pair.  The new bungee system was noticeably easier in putting the fins on and taking them.  As a plus the bungee seemed sleeker with less drag while swimming.  Also I had the feel that these fins were easier to kick and more more responsive when turning. Overall I'm very happy with the PLUS improvements Mares made to this great fin making it even better.  

**2013 ScubaLab Testers' Choice
(Open Heel / Paddles Category)

• MSRP: $139
• Warranty: Two-year limited
• Length/Weight: 26 inches (size R), 2.1 pounds (size R)
• Buoyancy (in Fresh Water): Negative
• Sizes: S, R, XL

 Mares made a few improvements with Avanti Quattro+:

-Bungee fin strap

  •  Allows for easier donning and doffing
  •  No more struggling with buckles at waters edge.  
  • Simply pull andstretch the bungee over your boot.

-New fin material formulation

Makes the Quattro+ an even more responsive fin, with a comfortable kick.  The Quattro+ is not as stiff as the Quattro fin was.  The fin is more flexible towards the tips, giving it a pop of thrust at the end of the kick

Mares Avanti Quattro+ fins have comfortable bungee straps.