Meet the new Propulsion S fins from SEAC!

The SEAC Propulsion S fins are a state of the art product made in Italy, by Seac, an Italian Company that has been producing quality and innovation since 1971. The Propulsion fin has been part of the SEAC line for many years. Recently Seac added a bungee strap that improves the comfort and stability of the fin.  Scubalab Awarded this fin the Best Buy award for open heel fins for 2018. 

Here what Scubalab says:

“We tested the Propulsion at Alexander Springs in Central Florida, where test divers rated it in 12 different categories, including efficiency, power, acceleration, and comfort. The soft channels running the length of the Propulsion's blade keep it nice and flexy while the stiff side rails allow for good power and acceleration. They let the fin “glide without a ton of effort,” as one tester put it. That being said, the long blade -- a shade over 26 inches in size medium-large -- can take a little time to get up to speed. It was rated very good for all styles of kicking, including surface swims, as well as comfort. Some testers weren’t able to secure a tight fit with the bungee strap, but those that did noted how much they loved the big, easy-to-grasp finger loop. With all-around power and stability at an affordable price, the Seac Propulsion S is our Best Buy Choice.”

Here is what we have to Say: 

"The SEAC Propulsion S is a fin with modern features: light, easy to use, comfortable and with a performance/effort ratio among the best on the market. It is well suited for professionals and very common among our Instructors" 

Technical notes:

  • Blade material is polyolefin thermoplastic with a special formula.
  • Foot pocket material is a thermoplastic elastomer.
  • The strap is a Bungee Strap System, color-coordinated with the blade.
  • Weight (single fin): 2.2 lbs.
  • Dual material
  • Water channels.

Available in:  Black, Blue, Yellow or White