Pro Back Inflation Package

Pro Back Inflation Package

Z2 Scuba System Package

Z2 Scuba System Package

EDGE Element Scuba Package

EDGE Element Scuba Package

Pro Back Inflation Package


Pro Back Inflation Package

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Pro Back Inflation Package


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    HOG Total Buoyancy Control System Package

    The Flex Harness can be used with a traditional hard back plate or for even greater comfort and lighter weight can be used with the new Flex Soft Plate Pack. The Deluxe Flex Harness has multiple adjustment points and an assortment of custom and traditional harness hardware so you can customize it to your personal diving needs and wants. Wear it like a back-mounted front adjustable BCD or a traditional tech harness, either way it will fit you like a glove and offer you the utmost in performance and comfort.

    Sea Elite Covert Regulator

    The Sea Elite Covert regulator is one of the most powerful regulators on the planet. A high performance balanced regulator designed for divers who demand the very best.

    Features a balanced diaphragm first stage with Environmental Kit and pneumatically balanced second stage making it a superior performer at depth. Can be fine tuned to your breathing needs with a simple turn of the knob. A diaphragm first stage that can easily be upgraded for cold water diving. The intermediate pressure is factory set for maximum gas delivery at depth. The first stage comes with a tech Black finish and features 2 high-pressure ports and a swivel body with 5 low-pressure ports. The pneumatically balanced second stage features an adjustment knob that allows you to fine-tune the airflow. A venturi assist switch to minimize your breathing effort while in the dive position and a pre-dive position to prevent free flow, when the regulator is not in use. The second stage features an over sized exhaust valve to reduce exhalation effort.

    Key Features

    • High Pressure Ports: 2 HP Ports
    • Low Pressure Ports: 5 LP Ports
    • First Stage Type: Diaphragm,Balanced
    • Environmental Kit
    • Swivel 1st Stage
    • Second Stage Type: Balanced,Adjustable
    • Venturi : Yes
    • Second Stage Swivel: Yes
    • Silicone front cover


    Sea Elite Covert Octopus

    The perfect no frills octopus for any recreational design. The diver adjustable pre dive/dive selector allows for quick and easy tuning of the regulator for maximum air flow when in use but slight detuning for when it is not in use. The rugged hign impact case, plastic air barrel, and high visibility yellow 40in hose all make this octopus easy and comfortable to share air with, yet light enough to almost be forgetten by the diver carrying it clipped to them.

    Key Features

    • Pneumatically-Balanced Second Stage
    • Smooth, Easy Breathing
    • Press Center for Full Purge
    • Large Venturi Lever
    • Flexible 40 inch Yellow Hose

    Sea Elite Slimline 2 Gauge Console Global

    This Global instrument has imperial measurements on the outer dial and metric measurements on the inner dial. A Compact 2 gauge Global Console built small and compact for less drag and weight in a streamlined rubber shock-resistant boot. The display is crisp easy to read numbers for tank pressure and depth, 5000 (PSI) and 350 Bar for Tank pressure, and 220 feet and 67 meters for depth gauge with a built in maximum depth indicator. 

    California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING
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    Product Category Packages
    Brand HOG

    HOG Total BCD Size Chart

    Harness Size X-Small - Small Medium - Large X-Large - XX-Large
    Chest (in) 30-32 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50 to +
    Waist (in) 26-28 30-32 34-36 38-40 42-44 46 to +
    Hips (in) 31-33 34-36 38-40 41-43 44-46 47 to +

    HOG Total BCD Size Chart

    Harness Size X-Small - Small Medium - Large X-Large - XX-Large
    Chest (in) 30-32 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50 to +
    Waist (in) 26-28 30-32 34-36 38-40 42-44 46 to +
    Hips (in) 31-33 34-36 38-40 41-43 44-46 47 to +

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