Aqua Lung Bc Zuma

Aqua Lung Bc Zuma

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Aqua Lung Bc Pro Hd

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Aqua Lung Axiom i3 BCD

Aqua Lung Bc Zuma

Less is more and in the case of the Zuma, that means less weight, more fun. This travel friendly, back inflation BCD packs a lot of features into an ultra-light package the you can actually roll up.

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Less is more and in the case of the Zuma, that means less weight, more fun. This travel friendly, back inflation BCD packs a lot of features into an ultra-light package the you can actually roll up. It makes use of the SureLock II Mechanical Weight Release System to keep its integrated weights in place and a soft tank support system that eliminates the need for a hard back plate. This sub 5 lb (2.2 kg) helps you avoid those nasty excess baggage fees and leaves you with less bulk to lug around. Here's a closer look:

Design and Streamlining

The Zuma features a rolled neoprene collar, sculpted, padded shoulders and padded spine and lumbar supports for maximum comfort. It also uses a clever tank support system eliminates the hard back plate thus removing a lot of weight from the BCD. The Zuma's designers also lowered the tank band and integrated it with the waist band while adding a valve strap that pulls the tank towards the diver's center of gravity. This makes for better weight distribution and a more stable, comfortable fit. The Zuma makes use of a bladder retraction system that pulls the bladder in during deflation. This, coupled with proprietary flat valves help to lower its drag at depth. The Zuma packs flat or rolls up and lets the diver travel light as well as minimize excess baggage costs. The Zuma is available in four sizes and comes in midnight/black and midnight/pink.

SureLock II Mechanical Weight Release System (patented)

The Zuma features integrated weights and keeps them locked in with the SureLock II. This system is the epitome of simplicity and its weight pouches just slide and click securely into place. SureLock II also adds an extra layer of safety to your dive by allowing you to quickly ditch your weights in an emergency with a single pull


The Zuma showcases a number of smart features that ultimately contribute to the safety and enjoyment of every dive. It features a right shoulder and lower pull dump, an adjustable chest strap that can be raised or lowered and a large fold down pocket. Also provided are easy access knife attachment points that work with many Aqua Lung knives as well as four plastic D-rings for easy attachment of accessories. Accessories such as the non ditch weight pockets (p/n 427085), Airsource, Squeeze-lock knife and reflective kit work with the Zuma and are available separately.

More Information
Product Category BCD
Brand Aqua Lung
More Info
Style Weight-integrated Back Inflation
Sizes 4
Inflator Powerline
Dump valves Flat valves
Harness Wrapture
Weight System SureLock II
Tankband Universal slotted tankband
# of D-rings 4 plastic
Pockets 1 fold-down pocket
Knife attachment Yes
Rolled collar Yes
Ditchable weight All sizes 20lb/9kg
Non-ditchable weight 10 lb/4.5kg w/ optional pockets
Lift Capacity (lbs/N) XXS/XS - 22/90, SM/MD - 22/90, ML/LG - 34/150, XL/XXL - 34/150
Warranty Two Year Limited
Video N/A
Featured N/A
Clearance N/A

The figures in this guide are approximate, NOT absolute.




Weight (lb)

Waist Range

Over the Shoulder

Total Weight (lb/kg)

Releasable Weight (lb/kg)

Lift in Pounds

Lift in Newtons

Zuma XXS/XS 4’8-5’5 90-125 26-43 32-44 20/9 20/9 22 90
  SM/M 5’2-5’10 120-165 28-45 36-48 20/9 20/9 22 90
  ML/L 5’10- 6’2 160-210 33-50 39-51 20/9 20/9 34 150
  XL/XXL 6’2-6’5 195-270 39-56 42-54 20/9 20/9 34 150


Measurement Instructions

Waist size in Women's waist size is always measured just above the pelvic bone. This same measurement applies for BC fitting.

Over The Shoulder (OTS) measurement is taken by placing the measuring tape across either the right or left shoulder and reading the distance between the top of the waist line on the back to the top of the waist line in the front. Again, for this measurement in men the waistline is taken to be at the height of the belly button. When fitting the customer in his/her respective waist size and OTS range, inquire what thickness of wetsuit the BC is most likely to be worn with. Calculate about a 2” allowance for the waist measurements for thick, cold water suits.

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Heather Jones
Great travel BCD
This is by far one of the best travel BCDs I've ever used. It's extremely compact and comfortable. Would recomend to any one!
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Mark Ingrassia
Not the best
Came from the manufacturer with the belly strap and top tank belt backward.

Design flaws:
1. Belly and harness straps are too thin and poorly designed. Strap ends tend to get stuck in the buckle and are very difficult to get to when wet. I simply D ring would fix this.
2. No harness buckle. Makes removing and donning difficult. Could be a problem in an emergency.
3. D rings on lower part are too close to weight pouches. Makes accidental removal of weight pouch a possibility for novice divers or someone not familiar with BCD.
- Divers Supply
#Reply 12/29/2016
Thank you for the review, If there is anything else we can do for you please let us know. Thanks again
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