Aqua Lung Elemental Scuba Gear Package

Aqua Lung Elemental Scuba Gear Package

TUSA Liberator Sigma Computer Package

TUSA Liberator Sigma Computer Package

Aqua Lung Essential Scuba Gear Package

Aqua Lung Essential Scuba Gear Package

Aqua Lung Elemental Scuba Gear Package

Aqua Lung Elemental Package

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Aqua Lung Elemental Scuba Gear Package
Aqua Lung Elemental Scuba Gear Package

Available to Order



    Aqua Lung Bc Pro

    The Pro is a wrap-around jacket packed with tons of features such as large, easy–to-access utility pockets, scooped octo-pocket for easy octo storage, 3 D-rings to handle all of your accessories, and flat valves to reduce drag. With its advanced ResisteK™ material, it will hold up to the rigors of salt and chlorine and retain its good looks. All these great features coupled with its aggressive price make the Pro the perfect BC for all your adventures.

    Aqua Lung Calypso Regulator

    Aqua Lung is proud to introduce the fifth generation Calypso regulator! This simple design, with its attractive price, makes this regulator a popular choice for new divers. It is compact, lightweight and it breathes like a regulator that costs much, much more.

    The Calypso comes in two versions, one with a QD hose fitting and one with a traditional “Classic” hose attachment with a swivel nut. The QD hose fitting allows for the regulator to be reversed from a right handed to left-handed configuration by a certified Aqua Lung technician without additional parts.

    Aqua Lung Abs Octopus

     This makes the ABS Octopus easy to pass on to your buddy and can be used from either the left or right positions without any kinks in the hose and without the regulator being upside down. The ABS Octopus also features a 39" high visibility air hose as well as a custom quick release mounting clip that keeps the ABS Octopus in the right place at all times.

    Aqua Lung Console 2 Gauge

    Pressure Gauge
    The Aqua Lung Pressure Gauge delivers both remaining air pressure and temperature in one easy-to-read display.

    Depth Gauge
    The Aqua Lung Depth Gauge, with its specially designed depth scale and luminescent gauge face, allows for easier reading at a glance.

    Available in imperial or metric

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    Weight (lb)

    Waist Range

    Over the Shoulder

    Total Weight (lb/kg)

    Releasable Weight (lb/kg)

    Lift in Pounds

    Lift in Newtons

    Wave XXS - - 24-36 25-31 20/9 *20/9 18 80
      XS 5’0-5’5 100-125 25-37 32-38 20/9 *20/9 25 110
      S 5’3-5’7 120-155 27-42 34-40 20/9 *20/9 29 120
      M 5’5-5’10 150-175 30-45 39-45 20/9 *20/9 33 140
      L 5’9-6’3 185-200 35-50 41-47 20/9 *20/9 38 160
      XL 6’2-6’5 195-240 37-52 45-51 20/9 *20/9 44 190
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    Denise Roberts
    Verified Buyer
    The gear overall is good and my 14 year old son likes it.
    The only negative is that that BCD does not have integrated weights nor the back weight pockets so we purchased weight pouches that attach to the tank strap.
    1 COMMENT(S)
    - Divers Supply
    #Reply 10/03/2017
    Hi Denise,
    Thanks for your review. This is a great starter package, but you are right, it doesn't have an integrated weight system. Here is a great aqualung package that has similar features, but has a BCD with an integrated weight system:

    Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. Any of our divers will be more than happy to assist you.
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    Flavio De Simone
    Verified Buyer
    Good value package
    It looks like a solid equipment. It arrived quickly. Looking firward to trying
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    Chris Roberts
    Best Purchase Iv made in SCUBA
    I bought this gear on the recommendation of the staff for i dive. I love every piece of this gear. Divers supply also got it to me quickly. I have no regrets. Good company and good gear.
    1 COMMENT(S)
    - Divers Supply
    #Reply 01/18/2017
    Thank you for the review. If there is anything else we can do for you please let us know. Thanks again
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    John Cain
    Is this the old Calypso regulator or the brand new one they recently released?? Thx!
    1 ANSWER(S)
    Thank you for your question, the regulator in the package is the newest Calypso model that Aqualung just came out with.
    - Divers Supply
    #Reply 08/23/2017
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