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  1. Aqua Lung Short Sleeve Loose-Fit Mens Rashguard
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  2. Aqua Lung Fusion Bullet Dry Suit with AirCore
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  3. Scubapro 3mm Head Band
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Divers Supply Scuba - Wetsuits

Divers supply is the leader in providing the best diving gear, including scuba wetsuits from the most trusted brands. A wetsuit is an indispensable companion to a diver as it insulates their body, keeping their body warm, and helps them avoid injury from jellyfish stings or rocky reefs. Wetsuits come in different thicknesses and lengths and may cover the whole body or the legs or torso.

Our collection of wetsuits ranges from specialty divers to children. You can always add hoods, jackets, and vests as supplements to wetsuits for additional exposure protection. In Divers Supply, you can choose between different thicknesses and styles of wetsuits depending on the water conditions and the wearer's needs.

Some of Our Most Popular Scuba Wetsuits Are:

Pinnacle Cruiser 7mm Male Wetsuit Package:

This is the best-in-one wetsuit package consisting of the most popular items from each category. If you are looking for diving equipment to suit your specific needs, this package is the ultimate choice as it includes a wetsuit, hood, gloves, boots, Suit hanger, and wetsuit shampoo. It is a custom package that allows you to choose the item from each category that best suits your needs. It is available in different sizes and has the best price guarantee and a full manufacturer's warranty on all items.

Deep Sea 3mm High Value Men's Full Wetsuit:

Made of 3mm neoprene, this wetsuit comes with reinforced knees and an extra-long zipper at the back for ease of wearing. This full wetsuit is the best value for money you can ask for as it is durable, offers complete flexibility, and provides warmth in the water. A neoprene wetsuit enables the diver to sit higher up in the water because of its natural buoyancy and is, therefore, a popular choice among divers.

Aqua Lung Aquaflex 7mm Womens Wetsuit:

These suits are made of AquaFlex neoprene, known for its stretchy nature, making it easier for the wearer to put it on and off. In addition, the seams of this suit are sealed with liquid rubber enabling it to provide excellent insulation by preventing water and heat from leaking through.

It is comfortable to wear, durable, and comes in different thicknesses and a three-way zipper seal which minimizes water entry. Pre-bent arms and knees are another valuable addition to the already comfortable suit, suitable for diving in a wide range of ocean temperatures.

Neosport 2-Piece 5mm Wetsuit Package Mens:

A 2 piece wetsuit comes with advantages like better insulation, and it's easier to put it on and off than a one-piece wetsuit. Our wetsuits are made of soft neoprene material with flatlock seams and thermal bonded kneepads for safety and extra warmth. Depending on your needs and diving conditions, you can choose between 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm.

These suits are specially designed for sports diving and are suitable for a short swimming trip.

Pinnacle Venture 3mm Wetsuit Male Gray King 2:

The neoprene wetsuit, designed for warm-water scuba diving, has an inner lining of titanium that prevents the heat from escaping the walls of the wetsuit and reflects it towards the diver's body. It is a 3mm one-piece with mesh finish rubber chest for fine grip during surfing and is available in men's, women's, and children's sizes.

This wetsuit is ideal if you want to snorkel or explore other water sports.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the importance of wetsuits?

The primary purpose of a wetsuit is to provide insulation to the diver and help retain the body heat by trapping a thin layer of water within the suit and the diver's body. Once the body's heat warms the water layer, it helps maintain a constant temperature and prevents hypothermia, a dangerously low body temperature.

What is the best wetsuit material?

Neoprene wetsuit is the best as it offers insulation and is very lightweight, stretchy, durable, and water-resistant. Neoprene wetsuits come in different thicknesses, and you can choose a thin or thick wetsuit depending on the water temperature.

What is the ideal thickness of a wetsuit?

The thickness of a wetsuit depends on the water temperature and other diving conditions. The primary purpose of a wetsuit is to keep the body warm and protect against injuries.

Thin wetsuits with 2mm/3mm thickness are ideal for warm water, while anything above 4mm is designed for cold water dives.

How Should A Wetsuit Fit?

A wetsuit should fit like a second skin to keep only a thin layer of water between the diver’s body and the suit. A snug-fitting wetsuit offers the required warmth and mobility for the diver to have a comfortable diving experience.

What are the different types of wetsuits?

There are several different types of wetsuits for different diving conditions. In Divers Supply, we offer you shorty wetsuits, semi-dry suits, and drysuits, and you can choose from children’s to triathlon wetsuits, depending on your needs.

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