Seac Modular Premium Scuba Gear Package

Seac Modular Premium Scuba Gear Package

Seac Smart Essential Scuba Gear Package

Seac Smart Essential Scuba Gear Package

Mares 28XR  HR - Full SM Tek Set Din

Mares 28XR HR - Full SM Tek Set Din

Seac Modular Premium Scuba Gear Package

Seac Modular Premium Scuba Gear Package

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Seac Modular Premium Scuba Gear Package
Seac Modular Premium Scuba Gear Package

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    Seac Modular BCD

    Italian manufacturer SEAC this week launched the 'Modular', a new rear-bladder BCD designed - as the name suggests - to be modular in nature to suit a wide variety of divers and diving.

    The Modular BCD features a removable steel core, with a soft backpack and harness with removable shoulder straps. A 13.5-litre doughnut double-bladder is fitted as standard, along with two quick-release pockets for weights plus D-rings and a belly buckle made from anodised aluminium. Every part of the Modular is interchangeable and individual components and accessories can be added according to the diver's needs. 

    Standard-gauge eyelets and other connectors allow the SEAC Modular to accommodate a range of different wings and backpacks. The BCD disassembles quickly, takes up little space and weighs in at just 2.9kg when dry, firmly placing it into the category of equipment suitable for travel.

    SEAC Modular Technical Specifications

    • Size: One Size
    • Lift: 13.6kgs / 30lbs
    • Weight: 2.9kgs / 6.4lbs


    • Cordura 1000 denier fabric and 3D mesh.
    • Shoulder straps with a Frame-to-Back fastening system.
    • D-ring and belly buckle in anodised aluminium.
    • Two trim pockets for weights up to 2 kg with a Velcro flap for quick release.
    • Removable crotch strap.

    Air Cell

    • Doughnut bladder in Cordura 1000 denier fabric
    • Air chamber in 400-micron polyurethane.
    • Piston inflator.

    Optional Upgrade to the Modular Max- for increased Lift up to 44lbs versus the 30lbs on the Modular One . 

    Seac DX200 Regulator  "Best Buy rating from Scuba Lab" 

     Delivers maximum performance that you would expect from any high end regulator. This regulator is Light weight with a Balanced diaphragm first stage and paired with a fully adjustable balanced venturi second stage. The balanced diaphragm first stage is forged brass, allowing a minimizing weight and size while ensuring constant performance. The X200 balanced second stage is balanced as well, with low-friction metal components in an innovative design. The second stage controls for inhalation effort and airflow are easy to use, even with gloved hands. 

    Key Features: 

    • Forged brass construction with a sanded chrome finish for a highly durable first stage
    • Yoke-compatible first stage
    • Balanced diaphragm design for smoother performance
    • Outside adjustment of intermediate pressure improves safety and ease of maintenance
    • Technopolymer housing for the second stage features Luxury Technology for abrasion resistance
    • Adjustable effort and Venturi effect give you total control of respiration
    • HP ports: 2 
    • LP ports: 4

    Seac X100 Octopus

    Seac X100 Scuba Octo is built with superior build quality for a durable and effortless breathing. The bright yellow housing is easy to spot in an emergency, while the abrasion resistant technopolymer construction improves durability.

    Key Features: 

    • Low friction lever design improves flow and effort
    • Ultralight technopolymer construction won’t weigh you down while it’s tucked in your BCD
    • Bright yellow cover is highly visible so it’s easy to find in an emergency
    • Included Hi-Flex hose is extremely pliable to reduce tension on mouthpiece

    Seac USA Pressure Gauge

    The perfect solution to tracking tank pressure for divers using a wrist mounted dive computer, or for divers looking to back-up an air integrated computer. Its compact size also allows it to be tucked away to keep a streamlined profile in the water.

     Seac Action Watch Computer

    The new Seac Action HR is full of features with an easy to use operating system. The 3 main modes:Scuba, Gauge, and Freediving are displayed on a 1.51" LCD screen with contrast and adjustable-intensity backlighting. The Seac Action HR's Logbook Memory makes it easy to keep up with dives, this also allows users to log dives with the Dive Manager software (requires Windows 10) so dives can be logged virtually. The Seac Action is full of safety features: MOD exceeded alarm, deco stop violated alarm, ascent speed alarm, NoFly time and desaturation calculations, maximum permitted altitude warning.

    In the Scuba mode: Users are able to fully manage recreational dive profiles with a bühlmann zhl-16c decompression algorithm for 1 or 2 mixes.

    In Gauge Mode: The 1.51" LCD screen displays a depth gauge and a stopwatch for managing your dive profiles independently.

    In Freediving Mode: The Seac Action calculates Dive/surface time, current/maximum depth.

    Key Features:

    • Maximum permitted altitude warning
    • NoFly time and desaturation calculations
    • Ascent speed alarm
    • Deco stop violated alarm
    • MOD exceeded alarm
    • “NDL only” Dive Planner.
    • Dive Manager software for MAC/PC (requires Windows 10), available free of charge at
    • Download data via USB cable (optional accessory).
    • Ultra-durable structure treated for improved resistance to blows, corrosion, and swings in temperature.
    • LCD screen with contrast and adjustable-intensity backlighting.
    • Long-lasting CR2450 battery.
    California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING
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