Full Face Snorkeling Masks

These full face snorkel masks and their unique design make surface snorkeling easy for anyone. Keeping your face from getting doused with salt water during your adventures is great for beginners and pros alike. Confidence in the water can make a huge difference - whether you are fan of traditional snorkeling gear or not, this this could be a great thing to enhance your experience in the water.

The best feature of these full face snorkel masks is that they keeps your entire face dry, eliminating the possibility of choking on water should water somehow make its way in. Unwanted water simply runs down the front lens and collects in the bottom to be swpt away automatically on the next exhale. This is great for kids and beginners who may be wary of the water as well as people with facial hair that make traditional masks difficult to seal.

These also provide the wearer with a much larger field of view and enhanced peripheral vision. For underwater photographers, this translates to a much more pleasureable experience trying to frame the perfect shot on your screen or viewfinder. Another bonus is that without a breathing piece that sits inside your mouth, you won't experience any discomfort in your lips, mouth or or jaw - just breathe normally through your mouth or nose!

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