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Pricing & Payment Policies

Standard Lessons:

(30 Minute Lessons) = $60.00 per month per swimmer

(45 Minute Lessons) = $70.00 per month per swimmer

Private Lessons:

          (45 Min. Private) = $ 195.00 per month per swimmer

Family Registration Fees

 There is a $25 annual calendar year (January – December) family registration fee collected upon the initial enrollment of the family’s first swimmer or upon the first tuition payment of the New Year. Families enrolling after October 1st of the current year will have their registration fee waived for the following year.

Enrollments and Registration

Spaces in a particular class (day/time) cannot be held until a $50 non-refundable but transferrable deposit is made on that schedule choice or until payment in full has been made. Spaces held with a deposit will only be held for a maximum of 7 days.
Initial Enrollments
  • Students starting lessons at The Divers Supply Swim School for the first time are required to enroll through the end of the next month. This means new students will be required to enroll for minimum of 4 weeks.
  • Tuition for initial enrollments will be for 1 month’s lessons plus additional weeks of lessons remaining in the current month.
Returning Swimmers
  • Swimmers returning to The Divers Supply Swim School with less than 12 months since their last lesson participation will purchase lesson at the monthly rate, 1 month at a time. If swimmers wish to start prior to the 1st week of the month they may do so by paying a prorated amount for any additional weeks remaining in the current month.
  • Swimmers returning to The Divers Supply Swim School after more than 12 months since their last lesson participation will be required to re-enroll following the initial enrollment guidelines.
Family Discounts
  • Families qualifying for the Family Discount have multiple swimmers who are all part of the same immediate family household, extended family members living at different locations or in different households do not qualify.
  • Swimmers who are all part of the same family household receive a 10% discount on tuition for each additional swimmer after the first enrolled swimmer’s paid tuition. Swimming families with 4 or more enrolled swimmers will receive a 10% discount on all tuition while all 4 or more swimmers are concurrently enrolled.
  • The Divers Supply Swim School accepts payments made via Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card and automatic recurring draft from checking account or credit card.
  • Tuition will be processed and is due by 7th day of the month, billing statements and payment reminders will be sent out and posted around the swim school the last week of the month.
  • Swimmers with unpaid tuition on the beginning of the third week of the month will be dropped from their class and have to re-enroll at a later date. Re-enrollment will require the payment of any owed back tuition and a cancellation fee, and potentially the loss of your swimmer’s spot in their previous class.
  • The Divers Supply Swim School wants to help you improve your child’s enjoyment and safety in and around the water, to that end we are always willing to assist you in making special arrangements when possible to keep your child enrolled and swimming. Please speak to the Program Manager at your location if you have need assistance.
Withdrawal from class.
  • Divers Supply Swim School uses perpetual lessons so your child’s swim lessons start and end when you desire. If you wish to terminate your child’s enrollment please turn in to the office an official WITHDRAWAL FORM 30 day prior to your child’s last expected lesson.
    • Swimmers absent for 2 weeks of lessons without further payment, notice of withdrawal, or communication with The Swim School office will be automatically withdrawn from their class and be charged the pro-rated amount for classes missed the swimmer was scheduled to attend.
    • Swimmers withdrawn for non-payment or for not providing the required notice of intent to withdrawal will have to pay all back tuition plus a $25 cancellation fee prior to being re-enrolled at The Swim School

Lesson Absences, Make Up Policy, and Holidays

The Divers Supply Swim School understands how hectic family schedules can get today and sometimes there is a medical or personal reason a swimmer must miss class. As a courtesy, we offer our clients the ability to “make-up” a lesson under 2 circumstances:
A swimmer can “make up” 1 lesson every 12 weeks of continuous enrollment that is missed for any reason without notice.
A swimmer can make up 1 lesson every 8 weeks of continuous enrollment with a valid doctor’s note, indicating illness and inability to participate in lessons.
Make up lessons will be given in the form of a Divers Supply Swim School credit towards lessons only, and have no cash value. Any make-up lesson credits will be applied to your swimmer’s next month tuition and cannot be exchanged, redeemed, or transferred for any other purpose or value. Make up lesson credit can only be applied to the swimmer who missed the lesson.
Any lessons missed outside of the make-up policy will otherwise be considered no-shows and are not eligible for a tuition credit, refund, reschedule, or make-up.
Make-up lessons cannot be used on days/times other than the swimmers regularly scheduled course day/time.

Swimmers who have classes scheduled on days that are major holidays will have their monthly tuition prorated at the beginning of the month to account for the lesson missed due to the holiday. The Swim School will post all “Holidays” resulting in canceled classes and tuition adjustments. In addition any classes canceled for weather or other Divers Supply Swim School reasons will be given a make-up class credit to be applied to their next month’s tuition.

Our instructors are paid for their time whether your swimmer is there or not and therefore we must charge you for your scheduled class even when other things in life prevent you from being there. Please make sure you schedule your swimmer in a class on a day and time that will be convenient to you and allow your swimmer to be at their lesson as much as possible. We want to see your swimmer’s smiling face each and every week.

Our Guarantee

The Divers Supply Swim School does not guarantee that any child will be independently swimming after a specific number of swim lessons. Every child learns differently and at differing rates. Each child in our program is evaluated by our expert teachers and is taught a proven progression based on The Gold Script swim lesson curriculum. Our goal is for each child in our program to swim independently. We will NEVER guarantee to “Drown Proof” your child. What we WILL guarantee is that your child will learn to swim in our program and have a positive swim experience that will last a lifetime. We have “Teachers Inspiring Lifetime Swimmers”.

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