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Divers Supply invites you to join us in one of our exciting dive certification courses. We offer classes for a wide array of interests and skill levels. Our goal is to provide students the opportunity to expand their scuba knowledge at an affordable price. Our facility offers an indoor heated pool, spacious class rooms and one of the largest selections of dive gear available. We will match or beat any price.

Try Dive

Try Scuba

Want to see what scuba diving is like before you dive in to the certification course? Try Scuba lets you experience diving in our indoor heated pool. Just bring a swimsuit and a towel and we can provide everything else. The $25 fee can even be credited toward your Open Water Scuba Course!

Open Water

SCUBA Certification

We offer the most modern, fun, safe and convenient courses in Jacksonville. Just 3 easy steps: SDI's award-winning E-Learning, hands-on practice in our pool and a certification dive trip to the Florida Springs! You can earn your lifetime certification as an "SDI Open Water Diver" in as little as 4 days starting at $299.95

  • Advanced Diver
    Advanced Certification

    Ready to expand your knowledge and experience? Get a taste of 5 specialties from Deep to Navigation.
  • Nitrox Diver
    Nitrox Certification

    This course is a great next step after Open Water certification. Learn to use Nitrox with a Nitrox programmable computer.
  • Rescue Diver
    Rescue Diver

    Learn to perform self and buddy rescues, administer first aid and become prepared for dive related emergencies.
  • CPROX 1st AED
    CPROX 1st AED

    This course is a CPR, emergency O2 administration, first aid, and AED course combined into one program.


  • Refresher
    Scuba Refresher Course

    Haven't been diving in a while? Take our refresher course and get back into the underwater world!
  • Specialty Diver
    Specialty Certifications

    These courses build upon what you have learned, develop new abilities and introduce you to new ways of having fun scuba diving.
  • Technical Certification
    Technical Certifications

    Expand your training to new level by learning decompression procedures, advanced nitrox procedures or even Cavern diving.
  • Professional Certification
    Professional Certifications

    Ready to be a Divemaster or an Instructor? Get the chance to introduce new divers to the sport of Scuba diving.