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SDI Divemaster Course
At the Divers Supply Professional Development Center your SDI Divemaster course will be your first step into professional SCUBA certifications. As a DM Candidate you will benefit from the mentoring and insightful guidance of our knowledgeable and experienced instructors that will help you to move into the major leagues of SCUBA diving.

During your 7 day Flex or Concentrated DM course, your SCUBA skills and diving abilities will be challenged and refined to demonstration quality as you become a role model for other divers.

You will work with actual new divers as they experience the underwater world for the first time. You'll also help advanced divers while they continue their SCUBA education and develop their skills. Plus, you will guide experienced divers on trips and charters as they enjoy our amazing sport.

Expect to increase your knowledge to that of a SCUBA Professional in areas such as:
  • Diving Physics and Physiology
  • Knowledge of SCUBA Equipment
  • Personal Dive Techniques
  • Professional SCUBA Training Skills
  • Minimum Age 18
  • Current Medical Examination (within the past 12 months)
  • Approved Diver Certification for confined and open water dives and all SDI Divemaster instructional materials
  • Advanced Diver Certification from a recognized agency with 40 logged dives with experience in: Deep, Underwater Navigation, Night and Limited Visibility
  • Rescue Diver Certification from a recognized agency with 1st Aid and CPR Certifications (current)
Successful completion of this program requires a significant personal commitment as you make the developmental transition from "Diver to Dive Professional". To maximize course benefit you'll prepare using SDI's world-class Online Independent study course. You will also hone you Confined Water SCUBA Skills Techniques, plus conduct Open Water Briefings and Training demonstrations with real SCUBA diving students.

At Divers Supply Professional Development Center, we are committed to offering you the highest quality Divemaster program anywhere, supported by the latest in materials, up-to-date practical information, innovative teaching techniques and the best instructors.

You will find this Divemaster course a very rewarding experience and we look forward to welcoming you into the ranks of our Divers Supply / SDI-TDI Professional membership.

  • 6 day Course $599 (does not include manuals)
  • Flex Course $599 (does not include manuals)
  • SDI Materials REQUIRED $119.95 (this includes the Manual, KQ and Slate)

SDI Instructor Course
So you are ready to become an Instructor? Begin introducing new divers to the sport of SCUBA diving and advance experienced divers to higher levels of scuba diving.
During your Instructor Development Course/Instructor Evaluation at the Divers Supply Professional Development Center you will master the art of SCUBA instruction. Our staff of knowledgeable and experienced Course Directors and Instructor Trainers will mentor and guide you. They will help you take your place in the major leagues of SCUBA diving.

Our IDC/IE teaches current Divemasters or Assistant Instructors the knowledge they need to safely function as an SDI Instructor. New instructors will have the ability to teach SDI Open Water SCUBA Divers, Advanced Adventures Divers, Rescue Divers, Divemasters and Assistant Instructors.
At the 8 day Flex or Concentrated course, your SCUBA skills and diving abilities will be elevated to the next level and refined to demonstration quality as you become a premier role model for other divers.

The IDC teaches the candidates how to properly teach and evaluate dive students, the IE section evaluates the candidates ability to teach SCUBA skills.

The IDC teaches how to:
  • Successfully market and schedule your SCUBA training programs.
  • Understand the business side of SCUBA diving.
  • Knowledge of SCUBA Instructor subject matter.
  • Prepare and teach academic sessions.
  • Conduct Confined and Open Water SCUBA skills sessions.
  • Effectively utilize your SCUBA assistants.
  • Emergency management abilities.
The 2 day Instructor Exam evaluates your understanding of what you learned during your IDC.

  • Be a certified Divemaster, Assistant Instructor in good standing or equivalent from a recognized agency with 6 months diving experience.
  • Have a minimum of 100 logged dives in a number of different environments with varying depths.
  • Hold a current CPR & First Aid certification. (Can be included within program.)
  • Minimum age 18 years with a current medical exam and ok. (within the past 12 months at course end)
Price and Schedule Package
  • 6-day IDC and 2-Day IDC/IE Concentrated Schedule Package $1499 (does not include materials)
  • 4-Week End Flex Program IDC/IE $1499 (does not include materials)
    • * REQUIRED SDI Materials $463.95 (includes the SDI Pro OW Online Instructor Kit)
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