Tiger Beach at discounted prices

Tiger Beach
Tiger Beach
Tiger Shark and Great Hammerhead Expedition
November 29th - December 2th, 2019

2 Day Liveaboard
3 Nights On-board

$1650.00* per person

    Price includes:
  • 3 nights w/ individual beds and privacy curtains
  • No limiting schedules - once anchored, the pool is open and a professionally trained crew is in the water at all times.
  • Full service galley to serve you 3 hot, fresh, gourmet meals daily and in-between dive snacks.
  • On-board compressors + Nitrox banks w/ long whips means tanks are filled in place.

Nitrox upgrades: $50
* Gratuity not included (average tip 15%)
Deposit: $1000 holds your spot (non-refundable unless we fill your spot)
* Price shown is cash price - 3% Credit Convenience Fee for Card Use
* Passport is Required
**Trip insurance is highly recommended
**Dive Insurance is MANDATORY for all International Travel

General Info
Get up close and personal on the ultimate shark diving adventure! Experience tigers, hammerheads and a variety of other sharks in the clear, shallow waters of the Bahamas. These unique shark trips are cage-less and provide unlimited in-water time and incredible photo opportunities!

This expedition's primary goal is to interact with great hammerhead sharks-- which are among the most impressive, yet rarely observed oceanic predators. Encountering the great hammerhead-- with its spectacular angularity, its orca-like dorsal fin, and its bristle-toothed mouth-- is at the very pinnacle of wildlife adventure!

On this trip, you'll spend 6 days aboard the M/V Shearwater-- a 65 ft custom-designed liveaboard run by world renowned conservationist and photographer Jim Abernethy. A typical day on the Shearwater goes like this: eat, dive, dive, eat, dive, dive, dive, eat, sleep, repeat. On board amenities include: gourmet meals and in-between dive snacks, hot showers, plenty of 110V outlets for charging photography gear, individual beds, an air-conditioned interior and long whips to fill your tanks in place with air or nitrox. With a group size of only ten passengers, your experience will be comfortable and intimate.

Required Diving Experience
Regarding the level of experience for diving at Tiger Beach, it is hard to give a quick answer, but please know safety is our top priority. These are advanced dives; therefore, all divers must meet the minimum requirements. Divers should be extremely comfortable in the water, have a minimum of 75 dives and have been diving within six months prior to the expedition. We recommend possessing the Advanced Open Water certification with drift and deep diving experience. Divers should feel comfortable ascending from 50-90 ft of water on their own, have great buoyancy skills, and have most of their own gear by now. By meeting the above requirements, divers have the experience to be comfortable enough in the water so they can concentrate solely on the sharks.
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