Scuba Fins

Dive Fins are one of the first things to invest in when beginning your personal stock of scuba equipment. These, along with a snorkel and mask, are inexpensive compared to the other high end equipment like regulators and wetsuits, which can be purchased later on.

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  1. Aqua Lung HotShot Fins


    The Aqua Lung HotShot Fins are compact an easy to carry everywhere. Techno-polymer, lightweight blade utilizes silicone adjustable power bands for maximum thrust. Learn More
  2. ScubaPro Wake Adjustable Fin

    ScubaPro Wake Adjustable Fin


    You won't find a better price to performance ratio than what's offered by the WAKE open heel fin. Learn More
  3. Tusa Vesna Fin

    Tusa Vesna Fin


    Built with advanced materials, the TUSA Hyflex New Vesna Fin delivers superior performance. It ensures constant power supply to the blade of fin. The railing of reinforced blade keeps blade pocket active to move maximum water.

    Learn More
  4. Cressi Agua Short Fins

    Cressi Agua Short Fins


    Agua are specialised fins designed for swimming as well as snorkelling.

    Learn More
  5. Tusa Imprex Duo Fin


    The TUSA Imprex Duo Fin comes with Angled Patented Blade and composite foot pocket for increased power transmission to fin blade. With strengthened side rails, it creates stability for high-performance and powerful thrust without exhaustion. Learn More
  6. Atomic Aquatics Blade Fins


    Made for great value, firm and shorter blade designed to maximize the kicking power. These fins comes equipped with a solid internal frame that is known to deliver more control along with offering maneuverability in the tight spaces. Learn More
  7. Aqua Lung Stratos Adjustable Fins


    For easy kicking, the Aqua Lung Stratos Adjustable Fins are right choice. Uniquely designed blade quickly reaches the best angle required to move the water efficiently and quickly. Learn More
  8. Aqua Lung Stratos 3 Full Foot Fins


    In the market for a great all around warm water fin? The Stratos 3 might be just the thing for you. This full foot fin has gone through rigorous shock and stress lab testing and passed with flying colors. Learn More
  9. Oceanic Accel Open Heel Adjustable Fins

    Oceanic Accel Open Heel Adjustable Fins


    Oceanic Accel Open Heel Adjustable Fins Learn More

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