Spearfishing Class

Spearfishing Class with Instructors Chris Roberts and Jerry Goss

The Best and Easiest way to learn a sport you will want to do the rest of your life

Why Spearfish
Bycatch! Bychatch is a fish or other marine species that is caught unintentionally while targeting other species and sizes of fish. According to some estimates, global bycatch may amount to 40 percent of the world's catch, totaling 63 billion pounds of wasted fish per year. Spearfishing has zero bycatch. You see what you want to harvest and take it. With proper training Spearfishing leaves almost no footprint, no snagged lines and no damage to the reef or wrecks. As a Spearo, you will see a change in yourself. You will find more respect for the ocean. You care about what’s happening to it. You will probably see your cutting fishing line off the dive site, pulling up anchors, picking up trash and in general just trying to leave it a better place than when you got there!

Chris's Story

I have been an SDI instructor and Course Director for many years. My passion in the industry has always been spearfishing. My dad, who is one of my best friends, certified me and took me on my first spearfishing trip. As an avid hunter and fisherman, He warned “Once you shoot your first fish, you will never want to drop a hook in the water again”. Well, he was right! I have been spearfishing and teaching spearfishing for over 6 years and still to this day have not dropped a line in the water.

Jerry's Story

Ever since my best friend Chris got me certified and took me spearfishing I was entirely hooked on the spearo life. The love of the ocean and thrill of harvesting and eating your own catch is something I will do forever and something I love teaching others. I am an SDI instructor and have been teaching for years. The thrill of the sport and showing others the best way to harvest fish is what I live for!

Why Take The Class

-Having an experienced instructor teaching and spearfishing with you to answer any questions is a must.

-Learning Tips and Tricks from your instructor is priceless and will make spearfishing easier and more enjoyable

 Who Is It For

-Certified Divers who know the basics of diving and are already comfortable in the water

-Divers who want the freshest and best tasting fish you can get (Ocean to Grill)

-Any divers who already enjoys or think they would enjoy hunting and other outdoor activities 

What Will I Learn

-Survey of Marine Life

-Ecology and conservation

-Collecting Techniques

-Invertebrate Collecting

-Spearfishing Rules

-Spearfishing Techniques

- Spearfishing Etiquette

-Spearfishing Equipment and its Purpose

-The Dos and Don'ts of Spearfishing



-The Spearfishing class and Panama City Trip is $479

-Prices are based off of Air Tanks. 

-Price does not include your dive gear or any addition spearfishing equipment or lodging and meals 

Tell Me About The Spearfishing Class

-Meet at Panama City Dive Center on Friday night at 6pm. There we will finish paperwork and go over classroom material and skills brief

–Saturday morning, we will get on the PCDC boat and begin in water SCUBA diving spearfishing training.

  • Dive 1:Skills and practice shooting and reloading and also watch as the instructor attempts to harvest a fish
  • Dive 2: Put your skills to the test and attempt to harvest fish with your instructor guiding you

There will be 3 additional dives over the weekend to ensure proper training and provide additional training if needed 

What Do I Need

-Basic Scuba Gear-Mask, fin, Snorkel, boots, BC, Reg, Computer & Weight.

-Required Spearfishing Equipment-Speargun, Knife, String, Gloves, Exposure Protection

-Florida Salt Water Fishing License (https://myfwc.com/license/recreational/saltwater-fishing/) 


  • April 9-10
  • May 21-22
  • June 11-12
  • July 23-24
  • August 13-14



For More information or to sign up for the class please use the following contacts.

  • Phone Number 
    • Macon 478-474-6790
    • Marietta 770-419-1976
    • Jacksonville 904-646-3828
  • Emails: