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At Divers Supply you can try SCUBA for the first time, go Pro, and become an SDI SCUBA diving Instructor or anything in between. We have SCUBA diving lessons available in Georgia, and Florida. We also offer private diving courses that provide a customized experience that can potentially be completed in a single weekend.

What does the sea look like from the inside? Try scuba diving lessons and discover what fun the beauty of the marine world holds!

Scuba diving training lessons can give you the freedom to swim underwater and explore the open ocean and all the creatures that populate it. You will see worlds you could hardly imagine while gliding gently under the water. Scuba diving courses give you a profound appreciation for our oceans and how much is hidden in them.

It doesn't matter if you have no previous experience. Our training programs cater to divers of all levels, from beginners aiming for their Junior Open Water scuba diving certification to seasoned divers seeking advanced Open Water certification cards.

Trust Divers Supply Center for Scuba Diving Lessons

All members of our Divers Supply community are passionate about sharing the wonders of the ocean with every diver. Our experienced instructors, state-of-the-art equipment, and personalized approach ensure a rewarding learning experience. Our dive center has small groups so we can focus on each of you and help you master all your underwater explorations. 

You can join the community of Divers Supply and dive into your scuba adventure with confidence by earning your Open Water Diver certification. Our instructors will guide you through the essential open-water dives, ensuring you're well-prepared to explore the underwater world. 

If you have more questions on how to proceed with your introduction to scuba classes, on certifications cards, or how to find a dive shop, please call our help center or check our blog and the frequently asked questions section. 

When you join our training center, our Divers Supply experienced instructors will guide you through each step of the learning process, helping you become a pro in technical diving. Learn to dive with us and let us build your confidence and skills gradually, ensuring you're well-prepared to enjoy your underwater adventures according to the stringent consumer protection safety protocols.

Ready to explore the hidden beauty of the ocean? Register today to unlock essential scuba skills, earn your certification card, and embark on unforgettable dive travel adventures. Join us at Divers Supply today and start your underwater journey!

Try Scuba Diving

Have you ever wondered what Scuba Diving is like? Try it! The "Try Scuba" Experience is conducted in our indoor heated pool, no experience is necessary. Bring your swimsuit and towel we provide everything else. Try Scuba will help you decide if you would like to complete your open-water diving certification.

Must be in reasonably good health in accordance with the SDI medical statement and at least 10 years of age or older. Approximate Class Time: 2 hours.

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What You Learn with Scuba Diving Lessons

The best way to discover the water world is with Divers Supply! Here is what you will learn with our scuba diving lessons.

Marine life appreciation

When you stand on the shore, you can see fish, sand, rocks, and other features from above. None of this prepares you for witnessing the beauty of freediving in the open water directly.

From playful fish to colorful coral reefs, every dive is a new adventure. You will discover an underwater world that can hardly be understood from land and gain new respect for all the creatures that live hidden from us.

Professional underwater navigation

Gliding under the water will make you feel weightless and part of the sea world. You will explore caverns and even discover wrecks, depending on the dive sites you choose. At the same time, you will gain precious knowledge and develop unique skills.

Underwater landscapes are nothing like land ones. It takes scuba diving to give you a glimpse of this geography. Try scuba diving and plan your next dive into the magic of the underwater world.

Diving techniques & safety

It’s always good to acquire new skills, and a scuba diving technical course certainly delivers. With our certified Divers Supply instructors, you will learn about safety and responsibility, technical buoyancy control, proper breathing techniques, and emergency procedures to scuba dive confidently and securely.

Environmental awareness

Apart from having the possibility of becoming an open-water diver, scuba diving lessons will help you understand the fragile equilibrium of the marine ecosystem. In a fast-changing world, you can embrace sustainable diving practices to minimize impact and contribute to the conservation of the underwater environment. You also get a perspective on how humanity can improve the safety and wholesomeness of the oceans.

Scuba diving course - Each dive is unique

As you become a more seasoned scuba diver, each dive trip will deepen your connection with the ocean. Bearing in mind that Earth should really be called Water since it’s made of 75% sea, you will explore hidden underwater landscapes and encounter rare species that are unique around the world. There is special tranquility and quietness in the water which is truly soothing. The close encounters with the ocean’s inhabitants create lasting memories.

Discover new diving spots

Scuba diving lets you explore new spots. Once you get the scuba diving passion, you will want to find new spots. Initially, you will explore favorites and well-known diving areas but once your diving skills unfold, you will likely want to adventure further away in more exciting places.

Scuba diving is a sport

Sports and keeping active are good for your body. Scuba diving helps you exercise in the gentlest way. You get to build leg muscles as you move your fins and arm muscles as you slide under the water. With the help of a snorkel, you can stay longer underwater, even when your tank has emptied. Visit our online dive shops and get the suitable gear for your explorations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I interact with marine life during my dives?

While the beauty of marine life is mesmerizing, you are only there to observe and appreciate it without disturbing it. We encourage responsible interaction, which mainly involves observing from a safe and respectful distance, to preserve the natural behavior and environment of the underwater inhabitants. You should leave the area exactly as you found it for the next scuba divers to enjoy.

I am not a terribly good swimmer; can I still learn to dive?

Basic swimming skills and comfort in water are essential to master scuba diving classes. You will never be asked to provide certifications, but a scuba diver may need to swim away from an underwater area if in danger, so basic swimming is important. 

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