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Enjoy snorkeling safely with Divers Supply's selection of quality snorkel vests. Find the right one that fits your needs and enjoy your snorkeling adventure. Our collection of snorkel vests is affordable and includes top-quality vests and jackets for your comfort.

When you want to discover the underwater world, you should have the proper snorkeling gear which includes snorkel vests. Even seasoned snorkelers wear snorkeling vests because you never know what can happen in the water. We have witnessed people getting tired while snorkeling or experiencing a cramp: that’s when a snorkel vest comes in handy because it keeps them afloat and lessens the effort it takes to swim.

Our snorkel vests are designed to improve your snorkeling experience. You will hardly feel the vest but when you need it, you know it’s there.

Why Do I Need a Snorkel Vest?

The most obvious reason is that you need it to stay afloat. But there are other good reasons why you need a snorkeling vest during your underwater exploration.

Safety and Buoyancy

Snorkel vests provide buoyancy in the water. Novices and experienced snorkelers alike need these vests to help keep afloat without constant swimming.

Buoyancy support is particularly useful in cases of cramps, fatigue, or when snorkelers are caught in currents, as they provide an added layer of safety. It also allows snorkelers to rest or float calmly while observing underwater life which makes snorkeling more accessible and safer for people of all swimming abilities.

Energy Conservation

The point of snorkeling is to effortlessly observe the underwater by floating on the surface of the water. A snorkel vest helps conserve energy during snorkeling sessions as it keeps you in the right position and afloat.

With a snorkel vest, you can stay in the water longer without feeling exhausted: you get to enjoy more of your snorkeling exploration.


There is a reason why all snorkel vests come in neon colors: they make you visible from far away, even in the dark. This is an important safety feature, as it makes the snorkeler more noticeable to boats, jet skis, and other watercraft, as well as other snorkelers and divers. Increased visibility is important because it prevents accidents. It’s also vital to prevent accidents and help with quick assistance if needed.

Comfort and Confidence

If you are just starting your snorkeling explorations, a snorkel vest is a must. It gives you the space and frame of mind to focus on how to snorkel properly without having to swim too hard.

For those who are not strong swimmers or who may feel anxious about being in deep water, wearing a snorkel vest can boost your confidence. Knowing that you have additional buoyancy can help you feel better and more relaxed. You can then focus on the underwater scenery.

Cold Protection

Although not their primary purpose, some snorkel vests, particularly snorkel jackets made of neoprene, can provide a layer of insulation. They help keep your core body temperature warmer in cooler waters. It makes snorkeling sessions more comfortable and you can stay longer in the water.

Adjustable Buoyancy

Snorkel vests allow for the adjustment of buoyancy levels. Snorkelers can fine-tune their flotation to suit their preferences and swimming abilities. This means they can choose to be more buoyant and stay on the surface or reduce buoyancy to dive down and get a closer look at marine life. This can enrich your underwater exploration and help you make the most of your snorkeling.

What Makes a Good Snorkel Vest?

A good snorkel vest is an essential piece of equipment for snorkelers. A good snorkel should be safe, comfortable, and functional.

Safety and Buoyancy

Snorkel vests must provide buoyancy in the water to help snorkelers float effortlessly and conserve energy. A good vest should offer reliable flotation and help wearers maintain their position on the water's surface easily.

It should support the snorkeler's weight and allow for easy adjustments to buoyancy levels so that snorkelers can achieve neutral buoyancy for an enjoyable and safe snorkeling experience.

Material and Durability

A snorkel vest should be made of high-quality materials. The vest should be made from durable, puncture-resistant materials that can withstand the harsh marine environment, including salt water and sun exposure.

Neoprene and heavy-duty nylon are popular choices for their durability, comfort, and resistance to wear and tear.

Comfort and Fit

A good snorkel vest should be comfortable to wear for extended periods. It should have adjustable waist and crotch straps and closures to ensure a snug and secure fit, regardless of the wearer's body shape or size.

A well-fitting vest minimizes drag in the water and prevents the vest from riding up. With our Divers Supply inflatable snorkel vest, snorkeling is efficient and enjoyable.

Easy to Use

The vest should be easy to inflate and deflate, both before entering the water and while snorkeling. Many vests feature oral inflation tubes, which help snorkelers adjust their buoyancy levels easily.

Quick-release buckles and easy-to-adjust straps are also important features that improve the usability and convenience of the vest.


For safety reasons, snorkel vests often come in bright colors to make sure snorkelers are easily visible to others, including boaters and other snorkelers. High-visibility colors like yellow, orange, and pink can help improve safety by making the wearer more noticeable in various water conditions.

Additional Features

Depending on the needs and preferences of the snorkeler, additional features may enhance the snorkel vest's appeal. These can include pockets for carrying small items, D-rings for attaching gear, and even integrated whistles for emergency signaling.

Are a Snorkel Vest and a Life Jacket the Same Thing?

We are often asked whether snorkel vests and life jackets are the same thing. While both products are flotation devices designed to increase buoyancy in the water, they serve different purposes. They are designed with different functionalities in mind which means that when you go snorkeling you should have a snorkel vest and not a life jacket.

Purpose and Design

Life jackets are safety devices designed to keep a person afloat with their head above water, even if they are unconscious. They are essential for boating, water skiing, and other water sports where there is a risk of high-speed impact or being thrown into the water. Life jackets are built to turn an unconscious person face-up in the water so that their airway remains clear of water.

Snorkel vests are designed to improve the full-face snorkel experience as they provide buoyancy and allow snorkelers to float effortlessly on the water's surface. They are intended for conscious users who can control their position in the water. Unlike life jackets, snorkel vests are not designed to turn an unconscious person face-up.

Buoyancy and Control

Life jackets provide a higher level of buoyancy and are designed to keep individuals safe and afloat in various situations, including in cases when they might be incapacitated.

Snorkel vests offer adjustable buoyancy, which can be increased or decreased by inflating or deflating the vest. This feature helps snorkelers control their position in the water. It makes diving below the surface easier as well as floating comfortably at the surface.

Comfort and Mobility

Life jackets are bulkier and offer less mobility than snorkel vests because their primary function is safety. The bulk and design can be restrictive but are necessary for the life jacket's purpose of keeping an individual afloat in an emergency.

Snorkel vests are designed with mobility in mind and they allow for a greater range of motion. This is important for snorkeling, where moving arms and legs freely is part of the activity and the fun.

Snorkel vests are typically less bulky and more streamlined so they remain comfortable for extended use in the water.


Both life jackets and snorkel vests often come in bright colors to increase visibility in the water. However, the specific design and features can vary based on the intended use and the level of safety required.

Use and Regulations

The use of life jackets is often mandated by law in many boating and water sports activities, recognizing their role in preventing drownings. By terms of service, individuals engaging in such activities are required to wear approved life jackets for their safety.

The use of snorkel vests is generally recommended for safety and comfort while snorkeling but is not usually required by law. It's more about personal choice, comfort, and the level of support needed while snorkeling.

Is a Snorkel Vest the Same as a Snorkel Jacket?

The terms "snorkel vest" and "snorkel jacket" are sometimes used interchangeably, but they can refer to different styles of flotation aids designed for snorkeling. They have different designs, coverage, and even functionality. The core purpose of both is to provide buoyancy and improve safety while snorkeling, yet they approach this goal in slightly different ways.

Snorkel Vest

A snorkel vest typically covers only the front and back of the torso, leaving the arms free for mobility. It's designed to provide buoyancy while snorkeling and helps the wearer stay afloat and control their position in the water with ease.

Snorkel vests often have a simple design with a front zipper or buckle and an inflation tube for adjusting buoyancy. They are compact, lightweight, and easy to pack for travel. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods.

The focus is on minimalism and functionality, as they provide just enough buoyancy to aid in floating without being cumbersome.

Snorkel Jacket

A snorkel jacket offers more coverage than a vest, sometimes including sleeves or a more extensive torso covering, which can offer additional warmth as well as buoyancy. The term "jacket" suggests a piece of gear that might resemble a jacket more closely in terms of coverage. If you plan on going on long snorkeling explorations, a snorkel jacket will protect your back from UV rays and extensive sun exposure.

Like vests, snorkel jackets may also feature inflation tubes for buoyancy control. However, their design can be slightly bulkier due to the added material, which might also provide a bit more buoyancy overall.

Snorkel jackets can also have additional features like pockets or clips for attaching gear, reflecting their jacket-like design.

Key Differences between a snorkel vest and a snorkel jacket

The main difference lies in the amount of body coverage and the design. Vests are more minimalistic, while jackets may offer more extensive coverage and potentially additional features.

With more coverage, a snorkel jacket could potentially offer more warmth than a vest, which is a preferred option in cooler waters.

Both aim to provide buoyancy, but the design and adjustability can vary. Jackets can offer more buoyancy due to their larger size, but both types allow for buoyancy control through inflation.

In practice, the choice between a snorkel vest and a snorkel jacket often comes down to personal preference, the specific conditions in which they will be used (such as water temperature), and whether you prioritize ease of movement (vest) or additional coverage and potentially more features (jacket).

Regardless of the choice, the key is that the gear meets your needs for safety, comfort, and functionality in the water.

Divers Supply for Your Snorkel Vests

Our snorkel vests are designed with the adventurous spirit in mind.

They are a key part of your snorkeling gear and help stay afloat effortlessly. That’s how we build up your confidence to explore further and longer.

Each vest in our collection is made from durable, high-quality materials that stand up to the salt and sun of the sea. The lightweight design ensures freedom of movement and helps you swim with ease while the vibrant colors increase visibility for added safety.

We are proud of our customer service support, offering a wide range of snorkel vests tailored to all preferences and requirements. For example, our vests come with adjustable straps for a perfect fit and have easy-inflation mechanisms that allow you to control your buoyancy on the fly. Our vests have been chosen for experienced snorkelers as well as beginners.

Dive into our collection today and find the perfect snorkel vest that will be your companion on many underwater adventures to come. Check out our reviews to see how our satisfied customers have enjoyed the comfort and reliability of our products.