Snorkeling Gear

Snorkeling Gear makes exploring the water Fun

Snorkeling is a very popular sport for the young and old alike. Masks, snorkels, and fins provide comfort and freedom to swim and dive like a fish, but you must learn the use of each to achieve that. Each item has an important function of its own. It should be emphasized that in any sport, the broader your knowledge and understanding, the better. It is strongly advised that you practice first in shallow water or a pool to get used to the equipment and gain confidence. Snorkeling is a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Basic snorkeling gear, along with a body of water and an hour of time is all that anyone needs to become a snorkeler. If you haven't already, give it a try - you'll love the new world beneath the water!

Now, if you’ve set your mind to go for snorkeling, adequate practice, the best snorkeling gear, a body of water, and time is all you need.

What are Snorkeling Accessories?

Snorkeling accessories are nothing but the basic snorkeling equipment used for a safe underwater experience. Snorkeling gear consists of three main pieces of equipment: a snorkel, a mask, and a set of fins.

Snorkeling Masks:

A snorkeling mask is the most important piece of snorkeling gear, which helps you see underwater. The mask protects your eyes and nose and allows you to see underwater with clarity. There are mask straps that ensure your mask stays in the correct position while snorkeling.

Full-Face Snorkeling Masks

A full-face snorkeling mask is the best choice for casual surface snorkeling. It has several advantages. The larger lens in full-face snorkeling masks allows you to see clearly beneath the water and opens up your peripheral vision to clearly see things around you.


A snorkel is a curved plastic tube that helps you breathe while swimming along the surface or underwater. It is multi-purpose snorkeling equipment that you can use in all sorts of water or sports to help keep your airway clear.

Snorkeling Fins:

Snorkeling fins are diving fins that make you swim and dive deep easily. They help snorkelers to move around with power and speed and provide tremendous underwater thrust. Snorkeling fins help achieve propulsion with a minimum of movement.

Snorkeling Vest:

A snorkeling vest is a personal floatation device explicitly designed to maintain your buoyancy while snorkeling. They help you keep afloat while allowing you to swim with your face in the water. Snorkeling vests have varying buoyancy based on the air they contain without any foam.

Besides these, there are also snorkel cameras, wet suits or rash guards, boots, sport skins, and other snorkeling equipment available to use underwater. Always look for high-quality snorkeling equipment which is sea friendly, reliable, and comfortable to wear.

Snorkeling Packages

Before you prepare for snorkeling, explore some of the best snorkeling packages available out there online. Divers Supply provides you with the best snorkeling packages at affordable prices. Choose the best deal from a variety of snorkeling packages available with us. You can also get customized snorkeling packages at Divers Supply.

Now, if you’ve made up your mind to go snorkeling, here comes the next important question.

How to Choose the Right Snorkel Set:

Mask: Your mask should be able to stay on your face without the help of the straps; mask straps are just there to make sure the mask stays in the correct position. A simple way to test the fit of the mask is to place the mask on your face and draw air in through your nose. The mask should seal your face when you inhale. i.e. the pressure should hold it in place. Look for Tempered glass - Plastic fogs up and standard glass is hazardous if accidentally broken. Desirable features: Feathered, double skirt silicone - Makes mask seal more reliable and comfortable, Wide strap with touch buckle adjustment - Mask adjusts quickly, easily, and stay adjusted

Snorkel: Look for a snorkel with a purge valve and splash guard. A purge is helpful in clearing the water out of the snorkel and the splash guard minimizes water entry while at the surface. Desirable features: Silicone, Purge valve, Splash Guard, and/or Dry top.

Fins: Provide a large surface area to push against the water. This allows you to swim using your powerful leg muscles. This moves you more efficiently and frees your hands. You want your fin to fit like a comfortable shoe. Not so tight that your feet cramp but also you don't want your foot to have any loose movement inside the fin. Desirable features: Look for Fins that are high quality and lightweight that come in a variety of sizes for both children and adults.

Other Items to Consider:

Lycra Protection: Snorkelers should be protected against contact from marine life and even provide additional protection from harmful U.V. rays.

Snorkeling Bags: Keep it together with a snorkeling bag. It keeps your snorkel gear in one place and makes it easy to carry and clean after use.

Snorkeling Travel Needs: Make your trip safer and easier with these last-minute items.

Buying or Renting Snorkeling Gear - Which is best?

In reality, there is no one answer to this question- it depends on a person’s needs. Each person’s need is different, and buying or renting snorkeling gear purely depends on it.

To help you decide what’s best for you, here are some pros and cons of buying and renting snorkeling gear. Take a look!

Buying Snorkel Gear


Owning your snorkel gear assures you of the perfect fit. However, it is important to buy the appropriate snorkel gear.

There are several features for each snorkel equipment that you should look into, like quality, materials, comfort, size, and price. Ensure you take into consideration all these things and buy the best snorkel gear.

Another important advantage is sanitation. You don’t have to fear if the snorkel equipment is clean and appropriately sanitized before you put the snorkel in your mouth.

You’ll always have the snorkeling gear ready to go whenever you head to the beach again.

You can be assured of a good condition with your own gear as there would be wear and tear in the rental equipment.

With your own snorkel gear, you’ll have better visibility and comfort so that you can see more of what’s happening around you underwater.

You can find the right and customized snorkeling gear as per your needs. You can take your time finding the right equipment for the right price before you plan on your snorkeling activity.

You can feel safe and confident that no one else has used it.


Buying your own snorkeling gear won’t be fruitful if you plan to go snorkeling only once in your life. It will cost you more money than renting.

You’ll have to carry the gear all along with you. Your snorkel gear could take up the space you planned for other great stuff while traveling.

Renting Snorkel Gear

Now, when it comes to renting snorkel gear, find the pros and cons below.


The first and foremost benefit of renting snorkel accessories is you won’t have to carry them around when you travel. Snorkeling fins are large and cumbersome which could take up a lot more space in your suitcase.

If you are planning on snorkeling for a single time, then renting the equipment is the best option because renting snorkeling gear will be cheaper than buying it. So, think about how often you are going to use it and how much buying snorkeling accessories will cost relatively to use it in the future.


When renting, you may find difficulty in choosing the snorkeling accessories that fit you perfectly. Wearing the right fit is significant for safe snorkeling activity.

Another significant disadvantage of renting snorkeling equipment is that it may not have been sanitized properly. You never know if the rental company properly cleans or sanitizes the equipment properly before another use.

It is also difficult to find a reliable, professional snorkeling gear rental company in the place you go. You’ll have to keep searching for one when you could save time and already be at the beach.

While you analyze the pros and cons of buying vs renting snorkel gear, here we tell you another choice.

How about you get to utilize the best of both worlds - renting & buying snorkel gear?

You can buy some of the snorkeling accessories and rent the others. For example, you can buy your own snorkeling mask and snorkel from the dive shop and rent snorkeling fins from the best rental company in your location.

How does this work better?

Buying your mask and snorkel assures you of the perfect fit, comfort, and sanitation. This way, you do not compromise your safety and hygiene.

A snorkel and a mask are small and light, and they don’t take up more space in your suitcase. The snorkeling fins are tough and larger, and renting them helps you save some space in your bag.

In the end, it all depends on your personal requirements whether you buy or rent snorkel gear or do both, as mentioned. Take into account all the important things mentioned and make a wise decision.

If you are opting to buy professional snorkeling gear, choose to shop at one of the most reliable dive shops online at Divers Supply.

How to care for your Snorkel gear:

After purchasing a new mask and for maintaining the quality of your mask, prepare a dilute solution of neutral, mild soap to wash the inside of the lens of the mask. If this is not done, the mask surface could easily become foggy. After the lens has been washed with the soap solution, thoroughly rinse away all soap from the mask surface with water. The use of petroleum-based or strong soap can cause the frame to deteriorate. Your mask, fins, and snorkel should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water after each use. Store them in a cool place with no exposure to the sun for longer life.

Be Sea friendly

The sea is for everyone to enjoy, but there are some regulations. Please acquaint yourself with local regulations. While we are all able to enjoy marine sports, remember that not only the fishermen’s rights should be protected, but also nature. Let us all contribute to keeping the sea clean and clear. Dispose of litter properly.

Please remember these points when snorkeling

You must be a competent swimmer before attempting snorkeling.

Do not snorkel alone. Always have a buddy.

Do not snorkel in high waves or rapid currents.

Practice in a shallow area of the beach or in a pool.

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Snorkeling - Frequently Asked Questions:

What snorkel gear do I need for snorkeling?

You require only a simple set of equipment to undertake snorkeling, and they include a snorkeling mask, snorkel, and a set of fins as essentials.

While a mask helps you see clearly underwater, a snorkel enables you to breathe while swimming on the surface and fins to move efficiently underwater.

You can also carry other snorkeling gear such as boots, wetsuits, snorkel vests, water-proof cameras, mesh bags, and sport skins as options to have a more comfortable and wonderful snorkeling experience.

How much is a snorkeling package?

A snorkeling package varies based on the location, duration, snorkeling product size, and color. An average full-day snorkel package ranges between $170 & $250 approximately.

If you wish to buy the best snorkeling package, shop from Divers Supply, a trusted brand for snorkeling gear and diving equipment.

What kind of snorkel gear should I buy?

Snorkeling gears are available in different styles and colors online, and choosing the right equipment is essential for safe snorkeling. Depending on your fit, personal preference, and size, the snorkel gear option will vary.

You can get the best-quality snorkeling gear from DiversSupply, and our professionals help you find the perfect snorkel gear for years of fun snorkeling.

When choosing the essential snorkel equipment like masks, fins, and snorkels, picking the right fit is important. Look for masks that fit your nose within the eye pocket and feature comfortable straps, tempered glass lenses, easy-to-adjust buckles, and double silicone skirts.

As for snorkels, they are available in 4 major types like J-shaped, Snorkels with Purge and Open Top, With Purge and Splash Guard Top, and Purge and Dry Top Snorkels. Make sure you buy the one that has the best features and mouthpiece comfort.

Snorkel fins also come in two types as Open Heel Fins & Full Foot Fins. Be sure to buy fins that are used exclusively for snorkeling purposes and are more comfortable and powerful. Contact us at Divers Supply to know more about snorkel gear and how to buy them.

Is there any specific training needed to go snorkeling?

Though it would be beneficial if you have prior snorkeling experience, it doesn't require any special training or certification to snorkel. Basic swimming skills are sufficient to snorkel with the right equipment.

If you aren’t confident enough, you can take a basic snorkel class, refresh your swimming skills, or wear a floatation device like a snorkeling vest to snorkel.

What should I look for when buying a snorkel set?

It is critical that you buy the best and perfect snorkel gear for safe snorkeling. Look for the kind of material, fit, comfort, ease of use, and quality while you buy snorkel equipment.

How can I figure out which snorkel is right for me?

Using a buying guide would help you find out the best snorkel in terms of features, size, quality, material, and comfort. You can also get help from staff to choose the best snorkel. Make sure the snorkel you buy has the best features and matches your personal preferences for a successful snorkeling experience. The snorkel should be comfortable and drop to the side of your face when you aren’t using it.

Are full-face snorkeling masks good?

Yes. Full-face snorkeling masks are safe and the best choice for snorkeling, and they have several advantages. The full-face snorkeling masks have a larger lens that lets you have a clear vision underwater and opens up your peripheral vision to see what’s happening around you.

Make sure you buy the best-quality full-face snorkeling masks to avoid leakage issues and fogging up while underwater.

Can you go underwater with a full-face snorkel?

Full-face snorkels may not be sufficient to go underwater. You’d need to take a breath on the surface and go underwater holding it. This way, you can snorkel underwater or dive down safely.

How far can you dive underwater with a snorkel?

A snorkel is used to breathe underwater. On wearing it above the surface, a snorkeler can remain indefinitely face down and as long as the snorkel tube is out of the water.

You can remain underwater for only about 45 seconds to 1 minute as the snorkel doesn’t support your breathing when diving. However, a more experienced person can remain for about 1 to 2 minutes with a snorkel.

How do you breathe while snorkeling?

While snorkeling, breathe out through your nose deeply on each ventilation cycle to exchange the air in the snorkel tube. Streamline your body, look slightly forward and down to keep yourself above the waterline. Take snorkeling lessons to learn how to breathe while snorkeling underwater.

How long can you stay underwater when snorkeling?

It depends on a person’s fitness level. While a beginner can stay up to 1 minute underwater while snorkeling, an experienced and fit snorkeler can hold his breath for extended periods and stay underwater longer.

Is snorkeling hard to do?

Snorkeling is a fun underwater activity that can be done easily with proper guidance and equipment. It is an enjoyable and easy sport to explore the wonders of underwater. With basic swimming skills and knowledge about the conditions and dangers of the ocean, snorkeling would be more fun and safe.

However, the activity can be potentially dangerous and scary if you are a beginner.

Is snorkeling safe for non-swimmers?

Yes, even a non-swimmer can undertake snorkeling as it is only a surface sport and the shallow water area is adequate to do the activity. You don’t need to go deep underwater, so it is considered safe.

What should you not do while snorkeling?

It is best to get to know the dos and don’ts before going snorkeling. Some of the things that you should avoid while snorkeling include:

  • Avoid greasy and acidic foods before going snorkeling
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid touching the corals, turtles, or fish
  • Do not snorkel alone
  • Don’t tilt your head, and don’t breathe too rapidly
  • Don’t inhale while diving
  • Avoid shallow reef and rocky areas
  • Finally, don’t spend too much time snorkeling.
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