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Discover the Thrill of Scuba Diving: Learn Scuba Diving and Explore Scuba Certification Lessons

Our instructors are friendly and experienced and safely teach beginners as well as divers in any step of their certification process. As a professional scuba dive center with seasoned scuba diver instructors, we have the ideal program and the staff to help you learn to dive and guide you through your new underwater adventure.

Divers Supply is your go-to dive partner for exploring the marvels of the deep blue!

At Divers Supply, you can Scuba dive for the first time, go Pro and become an SDI scuba diving instructor, or anything one can learn in between.

Open Water Scuba Certification

Divers Supply prides itself on providing our students with an incredibly safe, comfortable, and enjoyable scuba certification experience. This course helps you get started with the essentials of your first scuba diving adventure, including equipment handling, underwater navigation, dive requirements, and travel planning.

We offer the most modern, fun, safe, and convenient courses. Learning to dive with our scuba diving lessons for certification is only three easy steps away: E-learning, hands-on practice, and certification dive.

Step 1: Scuba Diving International (SDI) award-winning E-Learning

During this step, SDI's award-winning E-learning will guide you toward mastering the fundamentals of scuba diving. The best part? It's all done at home and at your own pace.

Step 2: Hands-on practice in our pool

After completion of home study, you will get your fins wet in our indoor heated pool!  Our instructor will help with how to use the SCUBA equipment and practice the skills required for safe diving while experiencing the fun and excitement of the underwater world.

Step 3:  A certification dive trip to one of our fabulous destinations

Use the skills you practiced in the pool to complete your certification on 4 fun dives in the Florida Springs (over 2 days) and earn your lifetime certification as an "SDI Open Water Diver".

You can earn your lifetime certification as an "SDI Open Water Diver" in as little as 4 days and with the most experienced scuba diving instructors.

What's Included

The following are included in your course:

  • Open Water Student Kit with Log Book
  • Academic Review Sessions
  • Pool/Confined Water Sessions (in our indoor heated pool)
  • Rental of BCD, Regulator, Octopus, Gauges with Computer, Wet Suit, Weights & Tanks
  • All Air Fills
  • Four open-water checkout dives
  • Instructor Fees
  • Entry Fees for your Checkout Dive Locations
  • Certification Card Fees
  • Certification Dives (4 fun open water dives in the Florida Springs)

What is NOT included in your course:

  • Personal Gear: Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Booties & 1 Regulator Mouthpiece.
  • Transportation to and from the springs.
  • Lodging (if you stay overnight on your checkout weekend).
  • Meals

Dive Into a World of Wonder with Divers Supply

Buy or Rent: Our open-water scuba instructors can help you decide whether to buy or rent your scuba equipment.

Our Scuba dive centers offer technical diving lessons in Georgia and Florida. We also offer private diving courses that provide a customized experience that can potentially be completed in a single weekend.

Here at Divers Supply, we offer a range of scuba lessons such as a "Try Dive" to get a glimpse of scuba diving. You can also learn to be a Certified Diver or become a Dive Professional. No matter your level of expertise or your expected goal, Divers Supply has the right scuba diving course for you.

Discover the marvels of the ocean and join our scuba diving community! From learning basic scuba skills to becoming an advanced open-water diver, with Divers Supply you will learn everything you need to know to conquer the oceans around the world.

Beneath the Waves: Why Divers Supply?

At Divers Supply we combine passion with professionalism. We deliver safe, high-quality, and personalized scuba diving experiences for all levels. Our friendly, dedicated instructors are there to provide each diver with the insight, skills, and confidence to safely explore the dive sites and enjoy the magical underwater environment. Learning to scuba dive has never been so enjoyable and fun!

Divers Supply is your one-stop shop where you can get your scuba diving equipment and scuba training from professionals.

Are You Ready to Explore the Scuba Dive Experience?

At Divers Supply, we welcome divers of all ages to embark on their scuba journey. Our minimum age requirement is 10 years old, ensuring that even the youngest adventurers can discover scuba wonders. It is never too late to learn to dive and become a certified scuba diver.

We offer excellent indoor facilities and pools for learning how to scuba dive.

Our instructors are experienced and passionate. They have years of diving experience and can guide you, whether you are a beginner or are looking to get your scuba diving certification. They offer personalized training to help you make the most of the lesson and enjoy your marine adventure.

Our first concern is to make you feel comfortable throughout your diving lesson. Once you have mastered the equipment and the scuba diving gear, we practice diving in our indoor swimming pool and at various diving sites.

Try Scuba Diving

Have you always wondered what Scuba Diving feels like but are not sure if you wish to get certified? You now have the chance to try it!

Feel the excitement of breathing underwater all under the direct supervision of our certified instructors. Our “Try Scuba” program is ideal for those looking to experience scuba diving without a certification commitment.

The "Try Scuba" Experience is conducted in our indoor heated pool and no experience is required. Bring only your swimsuit and towel, as we provide everything else. “Try Scuba” will help you decide if you would like to get started on your Open Water diving certification. Participants must be in reasonably good health in accordance with the SDI medical statement and at least 10 years of age or older. Approximate Class Time: 2 hours.

Trust Divers Supply and Learn Scuba Diving

Ready to take your Scuba diving skills to the next level? Start diving today and, who knows? Before long, you could become a scuba instructor yourself.

At Divers Supply, we're your best dive partner for all your underwater adventures. Whether you're a junior open-water enthusiast or an experienced diver, our experienced instructors are here to help. And if you're wondering about the details, check out our frequently asked questions section for more information.

We have trained instructors who can help you explore the underwater world safely. We certify over 2000 entry-level divers each year and train divers from beginner through instructor. Our Scuba instructor can guide you in getting started in the basics of scuba diving. After that, you can move on to Scuba diving certification and become a seasoned Scuba diver.

If you're wondering what equipment you'll need to get, we've got you covered with a wide range of scuba gear in one of our 3 retail locations with all reputable scuba diving brands. You can benefit from an excellent range of products at unbeatable prices.

Scuba diving is fun and mesmerizing, so don't hesitate — plan your next scuba diving experience with Divers Supply and dive into a world of wonder!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain my scuba diving certification?

Your basic open water certification does not expire, but regular diving and continuous knowledge and skills are recommended to keep your continuing education sharp. Some dive operators may require a recent log of dives or a refresher water diver course if it has been a long time since your last dive.

What equipment will I need for my scuba diving lessons?

Initially, most diving schools provide necessary scuba gear such as masks, fins, snorkel, tanks, and wetsuits. As you progress, you may be advised to invest in your own gear, starting with a mask, snorkel, and fins. Divers Supply has a wide range of diving equipment at competitive prices to choose from. Find the dive center or resort close to your area and discover Scuba diving magic!

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