Spearfishing Gear & Spearfishing equipment

What you need to start spearfishing

Not sure what you need to go spearfishing? No problem, we can help just let us know if you are on Scuba or Freediving but don't overthink it. You can start hunting with something as simple as a pole spear. There are also a few things that you could purchase that would make your life a little easier as you learn to spearfish. Once you’ve got your gear sorted, there are very few “on-going” costs when it comes to spearfishing.

These are the basics to have for underwater Spearfishing.

  • Speargun/ Polespear
  • Float line and/or stringer
  • Dive knife
  • Gloves
  • Fins 
  • Snorkel and mask
  • Wetsuit
  • Weight belt

Make sure you follow State and federal laws that govern where you spearfish. 

Go to your local State admin office, they will have an area regs/rules pamphlet, and a state FWC pamphlet, carry it on the boat with you for quick reference of species, size, and bag limits. You should also consider either printing out a common fish ID booklet from the FWC site, or buying a local fish ID book with color pictures. Usually, they have hard copies of regs, fish ID, etc. where you would buy your fishing license locally, and possibly some of the Bait and Tackle shops nearby. You really don't want to be caught with illegal fish, especially closed or prohibited species, the fines, and penalties can be stiff, all the way to seizure of equipment for gross violations. You'll also want a way to measure fish so have a measuring device. 

Spearfishing like anything else can be dangerous

Spearfishing is a sport that has all the normal dangers and risks of Freediving or Scuba Diving, along with the added complication of a speargun/polespear/sling. Learn the basics with an experience spearo or take a hunter and gathering course.  

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