Spearfishing Gear & Spearfishing equipment


Spearfishing is a challenging and exhilarating sport with all the usual risks of Freediving or Scuba Diving, along with the added difficulty of handling a speargun/polespear/sling. But with the proper gear and training, anyone can safely enjoy this thrilling activity.

Divers Supply is your one-stop shop when it comes to spearfishing gear. Spearfishing is a great way to get exercise and spend time outdoors, and with our equipment, you'll be able to do it safely and effectively.

At Divers Supply, we have everything you need to get started in spearfishing. We carry a wide selection of spearguns, polespears, slings, and other gear.


This superior line of equipment is designed for taking down big fish and offers unmatched performance. The guns feel half their size due to the innovative design, making them incredibly easy to maneuver. With Divers Supply, you'll have the confidence and power you need to take on any challenge in the water. Our flagship series consists of the longest shooting, robust, accurate, easy to use, and most affordable speargun on the market today. With its sleek design and powerful features, this speargun is perfect for anyone looking for an edge in the water.

Free Diving Masks & Snorkels:

Our wide selection of masks and snorkels caters to everyone, from beginners to experienced freedivers. We have you covered whether you're looking for a traditional silicon mask or something more specialized. And our snorkels are designed with performance in mind, so you can stay underwater longer and see more of what's around you. Freediving masks and snorkels are perfect for those who want to explore the ocean's depths without having to worry about their air supply. Our masks are made to ensure a comfortable and watertight fit. We also carry various types of masks and snorkels so that you can find the perfect setup for your diving needs.

Long Blade Fins:

Our high-quality fins are softer, long-lasting, and are meant for a more fluid kick. Our long blade fins are designed to fit better with most different foot shapes, combining great flexibility, softness, and durability. The blades are made of premium material to emphasize the qualities of comfort and reactivity of the blade. With our selection of superior quality long blade fins, you can be confident that you're getting the best possible performance out of your dive gear.

Freediving Suits:

Whether you're a beginner freediver or an experienced athlete, our diving suits are perfect. Our suits are manufactured with flexible, comfortable, soft open cell neoprene to make swimming easier and more enjoyable. Our suit design has pre-shaped arms and legs to improve flexibility and comfort. Plus, we have both one-piece and two-piece suits available, so you can choose the option that best fits your needs. With advanced technology and decades of experience, our products provide you with the best freediving suit options today.

Freediving Computers:

Divers Supply is proud to introduce our new line of freediving computers! This innovative product allows divers to track dive time, surf time, descent/ascent time, depth, and temperature all on the same screen. The LCD screen features contrast and adjustable-intensity backlighting, making it easy to read in any condition. The ultra-durable structure is treated for improved resistance to blows, corrosion, and swings in temperature, making it the perfect choice for any diving conditions. With Divers Supply freediving computers, you can be confident you have the information to make the most of your dive.

Spearfishing Accessories:

Looking to get into spearfishing? Divers Supply has everything you need to get started, from gloves and shaft refloaters to fishing reels and speargun gauges. We have the best gear selection at the best prices, so you can hit the water with confidence. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, we've got you covered. Get geared up for the hunt with our spearfishing accessories. Our gloves will protect your hands from those pesky fish scales, while our shaft refloater ensures you're always ready to take the next shot. And don't forget to reel in that big one with our fishing reel! Finally, make sure you're using the right speargun with our gauge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do spearguns need a reel?

The Reels on Speargun are a great way for freedivers to leave fish in holes or near the bottom while they swim up. The floatline and floats attached to serve as another means of catching fish without having any direct contact with them.

Are floats essential for spearfishing?

Floats are one of the most important pieces to your spearfishing kit. They keep you from losing it when spearing a fish and allow for an easy return to the surface so you can breathe in the air before taking another shot at them!

What are fluid goggles?

Fluid goggles are regular swimming goggles but with corrected lenses mounted inside them. Before putting them on, the goggles need to be filled with seawater or saline solution. The corrective lenses help to see better under the water, and because the goggles are filled with fluid that is not compressible, they do not need to be equalized.

How can I begin spearfishing?

Before beginning spearfishing, you must decide if you plan to scuba or free dive. While SCUBA gives you the freedom of an extended bottom time and the freedom to hunt a little more on each dive, freediving gives you the freedom of being silent in the water, not blowing bubbles, and the ability to dive all day without a serious risk of dive related injuries.

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