SCUBA Gear Service

Warranty and repair services are available at any Divers Supply location or through our National Service Center. All repairs are performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical service manual.

Annual inspection and/or overhaul is required for most life support equipment to keep your warranties valid.  Divers Supply Factory Authorized Service center performs this for almost every brand. These procedures are performed by our authorized technicians to insure that your equipment is performing to manufacturer’s specifications and also that it is kept current of all upgrades. We pre-test, disassemble, clean, inspect and replace all parts per the manufacturer’s specifications.

You will be notified via email to authorize charges for parts that are not covered under warranty. You must include applicable warranty paperwork to qualify for free parts (as per your warranty).

  • Select you repair or Service (Below) add to your cart and checkout.
  • Place a copy of the online receipt in the box with your equipment.
  • Pack, wrap and protect your equipment in the shipping box, so they will not be damaged during shipping. 
  • Include all warrant information.  Item not under warranty will be charged for replacement parts.

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