Scuba Lessons at Divers Supply

Divers Supply prides itself on providing our students with an incredibly safe, comfortable and enjoyable SCUBA certification experience. Whether you’re trying scuba for the first time, becoming a certified diver, adding to your diving abilities, or becoming a dive professional, Divers Supply has the course that is right for you!

Experience the Underwater World

Whether it’s enjoying the sights from the surface while snorkeling or going underwater to see up close the wonders of the underwater environment, you can check out one of the options listed below that interests you. Not sure if scuba is for you? No problem! Take a “test drive” by participating in a Scuba Discovery program. During the Scuba Discovery program, you’ll get to try out scuba under the guidance of a fully certified instructor. For the young potential scuba divers in the family, SDI offers a “Future Buddies” program. Children ages 8 and 9 can experience scuba in a pool environment with an instructor and when they turn 10 they will be able to complete the Open Water Scuba Diver program and earn their certification card.

Scuba Lessons at Divers Supply is Fun, Safe and Exciting!

At Divers Supply you can try SCUBA for the first time, go Pro and become a SCUBA diving Instructor or anything in between.

Try Scuba!

Want to experience it first try our SCUBA Discovery program?  Let us give you a short sample in our Pool with a qualified instructor . The Scuba Discovery Program gives you a glimpse into what you can expect to see in the underwater world as well as what you could expect to learn in the Open Water Scuba Diver Course. You will be shown the basic safety procedures for enjoyable scuba dives under the watchful eye of an instructor.

Learn Scuba!

At Divers Supply you can start today and we will have you breathing underwater sooner than you think. Divers Supply offers courses for recreational divers, like Basic Open Water course, the first course every diver takes to start their dive training.

We also offer eLearning that gives you

  • Convenient online access course material.
  • Unrestricted access to an online version of the Manual
  • Learning at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Continue SCUBA !

Improve your skills we offer a variety of courses to further your knowledge in skills.

Go Pro!

Learn about our Professional Development Center and careers in SCUBA.

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