Dive Fins are one of the first things to invest in when beginning your personal stock of scuba equipment. These, along with a snorkel and mask, are inexpensive compared to the other high end equipment like regulators and wetsuits, which can be purchased later on.

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  1. Atomic X1 Blade Fins


    Firmer, shorter blade design to maximize kicking power. Learn More
  2. Tusa Imprex Duo Fin


    The Imprex Duo fin features TUSA’s patented Angled Blade Design and multi-compound foot pocket, increasing power transfer to the fin blade. Learn More
  3. Cressi Agua Short Fins

    Cressi Agua Short Fins


    Agua is a very easy fin to use, and doesn’t require any special athletic or water-sport abilities, yet it still delivers excellent performance without tiring your feet. Learn More
  4. Tusa Vesna Fin

    Tusa Vesna Fin


  5. ScubaPro Wake Adjustable Fin

    ScubaPro Wake Adjustable Fin


    You won't find a better price to performance ratio than what's offered by the WAKE open heel fin. Learn More
  6. Mares Fins Wave Fin


    Mares Fins Wave Fin Learn More
  7. Aqua Lung Spare Powerbands

    Aqua Lung Spare Powerbands


  8. Aqua Lung Slingshot Fins

    Price From:

    Regular Price: $185.00

    Special Price $148.00

  9. Aqua Lung Fins HotShot Fins


  10. Atomic Open Heel Split Fins

    Price From: $209.95

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